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  1. I feel it is easy one, you need to figure out what you will get the most use out of, if to go off road s lot then the prerunner look msy work for you, if you have a on going neeed for the winch then go that way, good luck on any choice, keep me posted on what you end up doing

  2. I like how this one looks but I hate that I lose the tow hooks because the one time I need them is after I lose them
  3. Lol I was just going a couple miles an hour in 4wd trying to get around it but slid a little and took the wrong angle over it and it happened. Made it to class on time though! lol I like that look. How much time and cost?
  4. It's not covered under warranty because it wasn't a defect from them. I wish it was. I'm hitting the 36k tomorrow to so that sucks
  5. So the other day I tried to get to a parking spot and had to go over a snow pile to get to a parking spot and thought I had the ground clearance but the stupid plastic skirt under the front bumper got caught and got pulled off. So now I'm thinking do I replace it, leave it as is, or do an upgrade. I'm not thinking about a full bumper replacement but something like a skid plate or maybe a winch mount? Let me know if you have any ideas and pictures and prices would be great if you have done one yourself. First two pictures are of my truck, next are some ideas I'm thinking of
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