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  1. Hey Everyone, I have a 2015 Silverado 8in screen no nav.. looking to add Android Auto. What exactly do I need to do to obtain this feature? I'm still a little confused on this upgrade.
  2. Is anyone wanting to buy my floor console? I did the swap on my 2015 Silverado but I am now trading my truck in. It will come with everything less the 12V Plug, cigarette outlet in the top plate and the jump seat harness. My console has the charging pad on the armrest. $550. I’m located in North Central Wisconsin
  3. This forum has helped me a lot with my center console install.. However I have a problem with the cig lighters that are located in the top plate. The original cig lighter works, but the one I jumped power and ground to does not?? I used T Taps to bridge the power and ground.. Any suggestions is appreciated.
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