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  1. To add to this. When you get your first snow/ice find an empty parking lot and have some fun. You’ll be learning how your truck turns, accelerates, and brakes under those conditions. Its definitely worth it. Just be sure there aren’t any hidden obstacles under that snow lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I don’t personally hate afm... on the highway. When I drive in town I put it on m5 to avoid the awful lugging around 42 mph. I wouldn’t mind tuning it to come on at 60+ only. But I think when things start getting bad I’ll just full on delete the SOB
  3. In considering mpg also be aware of the price of regular vs premium. It’s not unusual here to see gas 50+cents a gallon more expensive for 91-93 vs 87. If you were driving a sports car that’d be one thing but I think at this point I’d be pulling my hair out filling up a truck at that price. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. PRO! I had a neighbor when I was growing up who was a cop. He got shot on the job, long long story there, and lost an eye. He decided to work on his garage door. The damn spring popped and missed his good eye by half an inch! It’s worth paying someone for a job like that.
  5. Here is the rear dif video. I watched all of his fluid changing videos yesterday and will be changing all my fluids next week. These videos are incredibly helpful if you can get past his use of pints instead of quarts. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Sound like a bunch of old grumpy jackasses in this thread mixed in with a few handy responses. Crap, people, lay off the dude and let him do to his truck what he wants. He never said he wanted dmax performance. He doesn’t want a 1,000 hp drag queen either. He wants a fun truck to drive around. As do most of us. I bet y’all are a fun bunch to hang around with lol To the OP sounds like a tune is in your future. I just came out of the warranty on my 1500 and I’ll be doing the same eventually. It’s good to know how well these things respond to some minor bolt ons. I haven’t researched it for more than 5 minutes up until now.
  7. Took my 16 1500 in last year because of the noises and they drove it around and tore it apart and said everything was fine. Some are just noisier than others. Makes zero sense to me.
  8. I still hate the dipstick on my 2016 1500. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I’ve noticed this. Others have noticed it too. Some say it’s an anomaly because you actively try to get better mileage when you are paying attention to it. However, I found I had better engine response and mpg. The cost was not offset though. You figure I’m paying 1.90 a gallon for 89. Or 2.50!!!!!! for 93? I’d need to be adding a ton of mpg to offset the cost. Instead I saw 1-2 mpg difference Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I had my passenger side fog light replaced under warranty last year. I had 1500 miles left. At about 1550 mile later the driver side started to fog up. I’ve yet to give enough to do anything about it. Very annoying though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Crazy awesome build!! Would love to be out there whipping around in a rig like that!
  12. After driving both and owning a 5.3 there is zero chance a 5.3 will run with the new 3.5s lol. Put it in sport mode with that ten speed and the 5.3 is not gonna keep up.
  13. A non adjustable seat belt is a deal breaker on any car that I own. If my wife and myself will both drive a vehicle it needs to be adjustable. She’s 5’ and I’m 6’1”. Hopefully if the belts are fixed they have a remedy for this issue. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Yes a very good looking truck. I like the lift a lot, I figured with 6” it would look higher than that. But this looks good!
  15. You sound stoopid. Not in this post. Just the rest of them. There are plenty of vehicles that benefit from “just a tune” Hell, my old Evo could bump up 30+ with just exhaust and tune. CAI was for sound effects only. And that’s 30+ on a dyno. From a car that dyno’d baseline like 250. That’s a huge difference amigo. A tune will without a doubt change a vehicle. There are snake oil tuners out there without a doubt. But a proper tune does a vehicle some good
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