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  1. E BRAKE dash warning light

    After a month or so of trying to figure out what was going on with my E Brake warning light, I decided to ask a PEP Boys employee who said that is a common problem. I didn't want to take it to the dealer because I knew they were going to charge me a kidney and a leg. So I did my brakes, bled the lines, checked the master cylinder, but to no success...low and behold the problem was a $5.99 piece of switch (thanks to PEP Boys for verifying it). I read about the emergency brake switch in one of the internet forums a while back, but I just couldn't find it in my truck. So today, because of desperation I decided to take a deep exploration underneath my dash. That thing is smaller than my thumb. But I'm definitely glad to get my truck fixed. I was tired of the chime sound and driving around my other gas guzzler.
  2. Starman, thanks for the response. I'm actually looking for the wire that goes in that hole but I can't find it. Would you happen to know where that wire originates from? I've jacked the truck up, had my neighbor look with me as well and we couldn't find any loose wires.
  3. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone can help me identify where I can find the sensor for my 03 Avalanche break reservoir. In all of my internet search and Haynes Repair Manual, it says that it is under the reservoir itself. But, nothing is there. I can't find the wire at all either. There are no broken wires and no trace of any disconnected wires anywhere. Is there another location for it or it is connected somewhere else? The reason I ask is that my e-brake indicator in my dash is lit even though I have disengaged it. It won't turn off and I already bled the lines and changed fluids. I wanted to make sure I trouble shoot it the best that I can before succumbing to a mechanic. Any suggestion is appreciated. Thank you all.

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