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  1. Center console swap?

    Really nice looking truck and great job on installing console! Did you get everything connected and working? I am waiting on my light bar to come in before I contact pgamboa again for help on install. I want to utilize a couple of the power outlets up front for front LED lights and rear spot lights on mine. I even thought about swapping out the new console front plate with a CB head unit, but I don't do many trails so will just utilize that area for LED light switches and USB ports/110 outlet.
  2. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Very nice truck! Can I ask how much that front bumper was? Did you install it yourself or have them do it for you?
  3. Thanks, I am looking into exactly where the leak is coming from. Not really sure now if the leak is from the lower oil pan.
  4. Hello all, I have done several searches on here trying to locate my similar problem to no avail. I just bought a 2014 Silverado 5.3 4x4 double cab truck with 83,000 miles on it. It has a lift kit and some aftermarket items on it so I don't know if that voids the power train warranty or not since I did not put those items on it. I crawled under the truck and visually inspected the drain plug and filter. It appears there is a slight drip of oil coming from the "lower oil pan". I am very new to owning a chevy so I may not be using the proper terminology. I was able to find a similar issue on a chevy diesel forum with the lower pan leaking. Has anyone else had this issue with the 5.3 motors? Also, shouldn't the factor power train warranty cover this failure? In addition, to the oil leak I have had several issues with this truck. Frankly I am shocked given the age and mileage. Here is what I have replaced thus far. Left front wheel bearing assembly Left front wheel drive shaft Left front wheel drive shaft seal Right front wheel drive shaft seal Front differential u-joint going back to transfer case (not sure I name it correctly) Transfer case output shaft seal (linking the yoke toward the front differential) Transfer case u-joint going towards the front differential (not sure I named it correctly) Compressor Inside cab AC control unit (not sure of the name of this modulator to make cold air come to drivers side) Passenger side rear brake caliper looks to be leaking fluid - will order new caliper soon, and will address this issue when I fix the oil leak issue. I am not complaining about the truck because I love it, but it sure would be nice if Chevy would take care of these things under warranty. Any guidance or constructive advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  5. Center console swap?

    Phil, First, thank you very much for sharing this information and doing this for us. I hate to be the one to throw a monkey wrench into the mix, but my truck seems a bit different. It is a 2014 Silverado LT 4x4 with the jump seat from factory. It has an audio port, two USBs, SD Card slot, and one 12v cig inside the jump seat console. The rear of the jump seat console has another 12v cig outlet facing the rear seats. The dash, next to the ash tray, has another 12v cig outlet and a 110 three hole plug. There is NOT a USB port anywhere in the glove box upper or lower sections. The new console i have sitting in my dining room does not have the SD Card slot - not that I have ever used this anyways. If you are located in Dallas, I would love to come up there from Waco and let you supervise my console install. If this isn't possible then I will give it a try solo this weekend using the splice method. Thanks,
  6. Center console swap?

    I think this is the black tab they are referencing.
  7. Center console swap?

    From what I understand it is not plug and play, you will need to create a wiring harness by using the jump seat harness and splicing into the console harness. I am by no means an authority but these guys on here can give you the specifics. Try reading through pages 74-76 and you will see the splice method. I will be attempting this this weekend. I think the black tab they are referencing is directly in front of the read slide securement? But I am not sure since I have yet to pull my jump seat out :). Don't get frustrated you can do it bro! Be patient and take a break when you feel like destroying the connector :).
  8. Center console swap?

    Okay thank you! I will keep reading and try to eliminate any stupid questions I have. I have to wait until the bracket comes in anyways before I begin the process. You guys are a tremendous help!!
  9. Center console swap?

    Thank you very much b18cx. I will pull the jumb seat out this weekend and give it a shot as long as my front bracket comes in by then. I will reread your posts on 74-76 again.
  10. Center console swap?

    Pgamboa, you really know your stuff. I would love to do the plug and play method you are describing but I think that may be beyond my capabilities. If I do it the splice method will I need to remove both wiring harnesses (jump seat wiring harness and new console wiring harness) - to create one that will plug directly into the under the seat connector? Also, where did you get the 42-pin female connector?
  11. Center console swap?

    Okay, that is what I will do as well flip them both over and try and figure things out then....I really don't need the USBs to work in the front I do want all the things inside the console to work, and maybe the 12v outlets in front?
  12. Center console swap?

    If you could show me how to make this I would be your friend for life lol.....better still just let me drive up to Dallas and I could watch you install it on yours and then I could tackle mine with your supervision?
  13. Center console swap?

    Wow!!! That looks incredibly good!! After reading this thread, I am pretty concerned about doing the wiring - "4 pin this, 6 pin that" splicing wires, brown USB connectors, I really am feeling overwhelmed....
  14. Thank you sir!!! Gentleman and scholar
  15. Center console swap?

    total newb here, read through the thread and I think I am ready to give it a try. Just got my "new to me" truck yesterday and had the console delivered last Friday lol. I love the truck so far and really like the way it rides and handles. First chevy ever for me, minus the 1972 short bed back in the early 90's, which I only had for 1 month. I am not overly concerned with all the plugs in the front working, but I am concerned that all the plugs and light works inside the console. I am by no means a wiring technician, but I think I can do it with all y'alls wonderful tips/comments. Anyways here is my truck and new console to be installed soon lol. I had to order the bracket from chevrolet since my console was ordered off ebay from the guy in New Jersey. I hope all goes well.

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