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  1. I tried to adjust the lower on the 1a and thought I was going to break the glass so I never adjusted it, left me with a huge blind spot, the upper glass seemed to have less vision than the oem, I'm very pleased now.
  2. Painted Air Dam?

    Not a GMC but it's color matched.
  3. Painted lower valance

    Getting mine painted tomorrow, $150, had to remove it for the body shop.
  4. Lifetime warranty confirmed.
  5. Found the issue with the folding mirror, it was in the harness plug, I was holding the button and wiggling the wires to the connector and the mirror worked and quit, I unplugged the connector and pushed it back together and it hasn't had a hiccup since, thanks for the help 1ATony, still not sure if I have the warranty, was going back and forth with 1A about my options on my truck when I resolved the problem myself. Appreciate your help too Phil "pgamboa" now get me my center console harness lol.
  6. That's what he told me lol
  7. Had these on my truck for 3 weeks, folded maybe 15 times, left mirror will fold less than an inch and stops, I called 1a and was told I don't have memory seats is why it failed, so there is no warranty. If you buy Part #: 1AMRP01786 and do not have memory seats you have no warranty. Just a heads up for you guys.
  8. 285-70-18's on mine, this is before the 2" leveling kit in front.
  9. Painted lower valance

    I've thought about painting mine, just haven't done it yet..
  10. Thanks pgamboa

    Yordany, yes I have a backup camera, but with the tail gate down or a trailer the mirror spot lights work for me at night. Reverse bulbs I had for years, took them out of my Nissan Frontier 4x4 when I sold it, I don't remember what it is but they are led.
  11. Thanks pgamboa

    Phil, listening to one of your stories about satisfying a customer that didn't give you the correct information and you lost money just to help him get it right says allot about your character, that reverse light pic above doesn't even come close to how bright my lights are, it looks like a firetruck backing up lol

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