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  1. The collision avoidance sensor stopped making false activations. I am guessing it was just the overnight rain. Just hoping it is not a short. Did some measurements...the bed is 3/8" lower on the right...both at the back window and the rear wheel well. I plan to shim it myself as I trust my abilities more than the dealer's staff! I looked on this or another forum and found horror stories about dealers making the truck worse.
  2. I just bought a new Silverado last week. In less than a week, I noticed the following/the following happened: Wiper Fluid Reservoir is leaking (cracked? bad hose?) Bed is uneven (not level) from left to right. Off by approximately 1/2 inch (distance between bottom of rear window and top of bed obviously different). I looked it up and I think this is what they call Chevy Lean. Not uncommon for the factory not to bother to shim the bed on the low side. This morning I am leaving for work and the seat won't stop buzzing. The Collision Avoidance System is telling me I am close to something on the front right corner of the truck. There is nothing nearby so I checked to see if a leaf was covering the sensor but nothing. It rained overnight. A short? Anyone else experience these problems? Thanks!
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