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  1. Jacoby, what is Super Springs? I’m not familiar with that.
  2. You added a leaf in your springs? What length? Top, bottom, or in between?
  3. I wish you well. I think both of mine started at about 15,000 miles. Fortunately the dealerships now know what to do to get you past the warranty period!
  4. My 2017 Denali rides rough when pulling my bumper pull camper and since it has Magna Ride shocks I can’t use most options. Torklift brand inserts between the leaf springs and the overload spring has been recommended as the solution but is expensive. Do any of you have experience with this method? It looks like a simple solution but I would hate to spend over $300 for something that won’t fix my problem.
  5. Stan, I didn’t see your post until after I did my update on the same problem. Read my no start update on this forum dated 5/10/19.
  6. I recently had a problem with my 2017 Denali not starting after it sat for a couple of days and received some suggestions from several of you. To recap, the starter would do nothing when the ignition was turned to the start position but it would start by using the remote start for about a month and that quit working too. The dealership didn’t even want to try to find the problem since it only had the problem from time to time and wouldn’t give me a vehicle to drive so they could keep it for a couple days and see if it would do it for them, so I carried it to the local Chevy dealership and they first replaced the battery under warranty and the truck failed to start the next morning. I had learned that I could hook the battery charger to the battery and turn it to 250 amps and the truck would start every time I had the problem. I carried it back to the Chevy dealership and they gave me a loaner and when my truck failed to start they tracked the problem to a corroded start relay in the fuse box on the drivers side under the hood. They replaced the entire fuse box and relay. Thankfully I have had no problem since!
  7. I have been searching for best method to make my 2017 1500 Denali ride better when pulling my camper but most options won’t work with the Denali because of the electronic controlled shocks. E-trailer says their Torklift is the answer. It consists of spacers between the leaf springs and the overload spring. The Torklift is $360 and I want to be sure it works before spending that amount of money.
  8. Thanks. I will look on the T1 forum to see if some have the 10 speed and how they are doing.
  9. I think you may be right. It did it again this morning and started with remote start. It’s getting to do it more often and maybe the dealer can see it happen then locate the problem. Like you said, probably the ignition switch. Thanks
  10. Sometimes I can get in my 2017 Denali pickup with 28,000 miles and put the ignition switch in the start position and nothing happens. The dash lights go out but the headlights don’t even dim. The headlights are on because the truck is inside the garage. This usually only happens after the truck has sat for a day and night or longer. The battery voltage remains above 12 volts. The local parts house checked the battery and it shows to be good. After I get it started by connecting a battery charger at 50 amps it does fine the rest of the day. I have cleaned the battery cables twice, moved the battery cables around while the ignition is in the start position with no luck. Since this seldom happens, the dealer can’t find the problem. It happened again this morning and I tried the remote start and the engine started right up. Later, I noticed the volt meter was reading lower than usual but returned to 14 volts after restarting the engine. Any one want to make an educated guess of what might fix it? Thanks
  11. I thought GMC offered the 10 speed for 2019 in the 1500. Oh well, maybe that’s a good thing.
  12. Do any of you have a 10 speed transmission in your truck? Your opinion?
  13. I think everyone of us with the 8 speed transmission have the clunking and jerk. Does the 10 speed have any of these problems? I don’t plan to ever own another 8 speed. The last 2 did the same even though the newer one was supposedly to be free of that problem. It’s embarrassing when a passenger thinks he won’t get home!
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