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  1. I think everyone of us with the 8 speed transmission have the clunking and jerk. Does the 10 speed have any of these problems? I don’t plan to ever own another 8 speed. The last 2 did the same even though the newer one was supposedly to be free of that problem. It’s embarrassing when a passenger thinks he won’t get home!
  2. Thanks for the reply. Maybe mine will work if needed. I assume the brakes worked too? I’ve approached some cars at red lights pretty close and pretty fast but nothing happens. Maybe the brakes will apply before I hit someone. I hope I never need it!
  3. SS502 - let me know what the dealership says about why the brake assist is not working. I really want to know if mine are working. Like you, I’ve tested by nearly rear ending a car on purpose and nothing happened. I do get the orange car on the dash when I get close and only got the red warning when a car came across in front of me one time but I don’t think the brakes came on. But not sure; I was distracted by the beeping! Smile. Ftwhite - maybe I can make something that looks more like the rear end of a car but would think the brakes should come on when a motorcycle or maybe even a deer is about to make contact with the front of my pickup? Maybe my dealer has a way to test it. I will ask at my next visit in February. Thanks guys
  4. Thanks for the reply. I guess I’m too lazy to work at it. Smile. I usually set the cruise at 62 and found that to be my best speed vs gas mileage. But on a different note, I had to really work at it when I had the 2014 with a 5.3. That engine really struggled to pull through the mountains!
  5. That Air Stream must have good air dynamics! I pull a 7,500 Cougar 31’ bumper pull and can only get about 10.5 mpg at 62 mph and about 7.5 mpg at 70 mph. The wind direction makes a big difference though.
  6. I stacked up a lot of Amazon empty boxes in the street and drove over them at 20 mph and nothing beeped, buzzed, or brakes come on. Maybe it has to be metal to work? My truck is a 2017 4 wheel drive 6.2 Denali if that means anything. My sticker says I have brake assist. I have the brake assist set at the highest level and also have the screen set to alarm and brake. I want that system to work. I may need it some day. Is there any other way to check this system to make sure it’s working? Jerry
  7. Thanks guys. Some good ideas. I have some boxes in the shop from Amazon and Walmart and will stack them in the driveway and see what happens.
  8. Oh, I’m sorry, I thought DH is the one that replied about being sure it was turned on. I will pay more attention next. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks DH, I looked at my settings and it may have been on Alert. It has off, alert, and alert with braking, and before I paid attention I pressed off because I thought it would turn to “on” but it doesn’t. I pressed alert with braking and will see what happens the next time I drive it.
  10. Thanks Nitro, I think I will get the GM Dealer to look into this on my next oil change. I too had the red flashing light and seat vibration when a car in front of me turned off and I passed close to him, but no breaks applied that I could tell. I want that function to work since I may need it some day and I paid for it.
  11. Thanks for the reply. Have you ever felt your automatic brake assist do anything?
  12. I have a 2017 GMC Denali pickup and it has the Lane Keep Assist on it and I really like that. The problem is that it won’t assist until the tires are on the center line or slightly over the center line. The assist works much better when the tires are close to the right edge and will turn the steering wheel when the tires are around one or two feet from the line. I would like it to do the same distance from the center line. Is there a way to adjust the camera?
  13. I have, on purpose, closely approached the rear of a couple of cars sitting at red lights and I have never felt my brakes automatically try to stop my 2017 Denali pickup. Is this normal? I have it turned on and also the settings on the steering wheel set to 3 ))). If my system isn’t working, I need to know it. Anybody know a way to test it?
  14. Like x4rd, my 2017 yellow symbol will light up if I get close to the line but the seat doesn’t vibrate unless I go over the line. I have a question about Lane Keep. I really like this feature and it works well when I approach the right painted line but my tires have to be pretty much on the center painted line before the Assist will help. Is there any way to adjust the camera to make Assist work before the truck gets to the center line?
  15. I like anything that helps me avoid an accident but I’m not sure my AEB is working. I have the settings to the highest with 3 ))) showing but I have purposefully approached a couple cars at red lights pretty close and never felt the brakes come on. Have any of you felt your brakes come on?

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