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  1. New 2022 Ram Dakota - Rumor or Real?

    I am a Chrysler guy to the bone but after my last new Ram I couldn't make myself spend money on another truck that was basically identical to mine save a new transmission and some features/design. So here I am with the Silverado 1500. I have my gripes with it from the ticking engine to the shaky highway operation but overall I haven't had any major issues up to 60,000 miles. I honestly would rather have a midsize truck as long as the bed length is decent. Problem with mid sizes are they cost nearly the same as a full size and get fuel economy that is nearly the same. As long as the midsize can swing a 1500LB or so Payload and tow 5000-7000 LBS I am in. Issue is, the Colorado looks like a car and the Tacoma, well I am not sure what that looks like but it's awful. Tacoma payload is also awful. Here is what I think will happen, they are going to put it on the new Jeep scrambler frame and fit it with independent front suspension instead of the straight axle like the Jeep. If they don't screw the design up it will be a great looking vehicle. Hopefully they will incorporate some sort of extremely fuel efficient drive train that has good get up and will still tow decent weight. Now, if they option it with a hemi and go the only V8 in its class route like before that thing will sell like hotcakes across the board. If I had to guess, they are going for best in class towing and payload judging by the spy shots of the rear suspension and frame from the Scrambler. It looks basically identical to the 1500 Ram and has what appears to be the same size axle out back. Hopefully the manual transmission from the Jeep gets carried over to the truck. We will see what they come up with, also time will tell about the reliability. I really hope it comes to light.
  2. Sweet, thanks for posting this. I highly doubt it will be covered under power train warranty if this is the case but I am still going to try and get my truck in to document it before my PT warranty expires in a week. This weekend I rotated my tires, while I was at it I pulled the inner fender out of the truck and tried to see if I could get a better look at anything on that side. Everything looked fine but I tugged around pretty good on the steering boot and my noise seems to be much quieter all weekend. Still there and acts the same with bumps but much quieter. Side note, my truck just ate another bushing for the soft lower tailgate. The dealer put in a new one less than 8 months ago. I don't really load anything heavy on the tailgate. Mostly carry tools and ski gear on the weekends.
  3. Rough idle- Vibration

    I had the mounts done. It changed the idle in that it's less noticeable while in gear and more noticeable in neutral. It'll shake your phone if you have your elbow on the console out of gear. Otherwise its fairly livable in gear.
  4. Ha, I just picked up a 95% rust free 88 Dodge D250. It has AC and Cruise control and is pretty darn quiet inside/rides about as good as this truck. For about 3000-4000 bucks I can toss in a spare overdrive trans I have and add EFI with a freshened up 360. Should make 350-400 ft/lbs and tow pretty well. 5000 dollar truck that doesn't tick seems like a pretty good option right now.
  5. I think it's pretty silly we are all chasing what is clearly a design/quality issue. When the truck is quiet it's such a pleasant vehicle to be inside. When it ticks it is like someone is tapping an ice pick into my brain.
  6. I have a question that may amount to nothing but here goes. Of you all who have the annoying tick, how many had your motor mounts replaced for rough idle per the TSB? I had mine done, the truck was dead quiet before. I didn't notice the noise for a while but it started after I had put maybe 5000 miles on after the motor mount swap. Just curious.
  7. It always drives me bonkers. It's the worst when towing on the highway or when in V4 on the highway. This happens to be how I do most of my truck driving. I agree with 16LYCC, It has to be fuel system/transmission/or inside the cat. Not interested in wearing myself out trying to diagnose it.
  8. My power train warranty is up in 1500 miles. I didn't pickup a new truck so I could chase around stupid noises and issues. Dealers techs are pretty useless these days.
  9. Stopped into a dealer yesterday (not my normal trashcan dealer). Took their shop foreman on a ride and the truck was being quieter than normal. It was making the noise slightly but the guy couldn't here it. Probably depends a lot on your high range hearing loss. When I had the screeching TCM fixed 3 or so guys in the shop couldn't hear it so I took a younger sales guy for a ride and sure enough he said man that sound is annoying. Just picked up a mostly rust free 88 Dodge D250 last night. Needs some Carb work and a few small things. It is much smoother and rides better than the 28 year newer Silverado...Oh, the drive-line also doesn't clunk while downshifting. Chevy is getting pretty close to being traded for a nice Jeep GC or another Ram.
  10. Yep, mine goes away around corners (Especially long on ramps). It can be made to disappear under hard acceleration in 1-2 gears (when I assume torque moves the engine the most). Hard stops cause it to be gone and return on a bump that moves the truck around a lot. I have been to busy to get it into the shop but my Power Train warranty will be up soon so I am going to try and shoot for an appointment next week. Haven't had time to try any other diagnostics myself. Truck sounds fantastic when it isn't ticking. I notice the GM reps are staying away from this thread.....Wonder why....
  11. Mine is getting very consistent in nature. If I do a long moderate brake pressure stop from a higher speed like mph 50+ it will be quiet every single time I start moving again until I hit some sort of decent sized road imperfection. My quickie exhaust flapper wire open finally came apart last week (I can hear a squeak again) and it seems my ticking is much louder again at its peak noise levels. I have been to busy to make an appointment with the service guys. I will try and do that this week. Also going to try and ratchet strap the engine with some downward pressure. If that keeps the noise quiet that will tell us it is something related to external components. If it stays present with bumps and such it would be internal engine (I still don't see how that is possible unless it is torque converter related?). Will let you know what I find.
  12. It will do it in 4 or 8 mode. Light acceleration or holding speed is most noticeable. Mine can be beautifully quiet for long periods of time until you hit a bump that moves the engine around then it will start making the noise. Stopping long distances and taking off lightly from a stop sign or light usually makes the sound go away again until you hit a bump.
  13. Will do. My co worker has had very good service from another dealer in town. Last effort I’m going to have that dealer take a look at the truck in 2 weeks before my warranty is up I still own it then. After they can or can’t fix it then I’ll dive back into working on it. Thw truck is so pleasant to drive when it’s quiet it’s a shame it makes these noises.
  14. Plenty of private property to cruise around on.

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