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  1. I was surprised they used plastic there and they want over 40 bucks for the part. They replaced my lowering shock under warranty but the tailgate never seemed to drop as slowly as my buddy's truck. That piece finally gave up completely and I replaced it, now the gate has a really nice soft lower. Hopefully this one lasts longer than 1.5 years.
  2. Good info there! I checked mine and they were very loose, I would guess around 35 ft lbs. My truck was always glass smooth until my last tire rotation. While a tire was out of balance I also developed a "rough road" feel after the re balance. It never felt super smooth on nice new road surfaces. I tightened all to 80 FT LBS and it feels much better. Not all completely gone but better. I have never owned a truck or trailer that the axle bolts backed off on.....
  3. Your issue was reported before the bumper to bumper warranty was out. It has a paper trail back to not being fixed properly and should be covered by the MFG. GM has a liberal "Good will" warranty policy if the dealer chooses to use it also.
  4. I traded from Ram. I had a 2010 2WD Hemi Bighorn. I loved the truck but good god all I did was work on it. Diehard Chrysler. I have owned north of 50 cars in my life (Family used dealership). We sold everything but I preferred to drive Mopar. Never have I owned a car that required as many repairs as my last Ram. I had the dodge for 5 years and put 120,000 on it (purchased with 19k). It towed and hauled frequently. Services all preformed at or before specified extreme duty intervals. Interior was nice and quite and it only ever had one electrical problem (wheel speed sensor early on). Mechanical repairs were atroucious Oil pan gasket, timing cover pitted needed replaced, water pump, 2 ac compressors, full rear suspension rebuilt, 2 sets of outer tie rod ends, front wheel bearings at 60k, front brakes squeaked no matter what you replaced, was in need of the second rear end rebuild when traded, rear slip yoke worn out causing vibration, exhaust wouldn't stay together at one joint and needed tightened every 30k miles or so,. etc. Couldn't go more than one oil change or so without an issue, Even when aligned properly it had a tendency to pull one way or another regardless of tire brand, Lower control arm busing squeak, Filling the fuel tank until the handle clicked resulted in a waterfall of fuel from the filler neck, rear upper tail light housing leaked into the headliner, Fixed that one but then the sirius antenna started leaking so I had to drop the entire headliner to fix that, That is all I can think of right now but you get the picture. The Chevy has been markedly better as of 24000 miles but it has had it's share of issues, mostly the dealer being incompetent. Informant randomly dying, HVAC popping, Soft lower tailgate cylinder bad, soft lower tailgate busing bad, Steering noise(bad steering angle sensor). Bad battery less than 1 year old, Motor mounts causing extremely rough idle. Chevy is much quieter than the Ram and fuel economy is much better. Prefer the Ram interior which had far less rattles and I don't care for the operation of the Dual Zone climate control. Low end torque of the Chevy is better. Front end is a little more floaty when towing with the Chevy but it squats less. Float is better when I got rid of the junk factory Goodyears. Those are terrifying on the highway in rain. So, if I can keep the Chevy out of major repairs until 150k or so I would say it is a big win considering the Dodge before.
  5. You can't wait for it. This dealer has been notoriously awful and now that all of my warranty issues are taken care of I wont be going back. So they may be slower. Someone who has lots of experience should be able to get it done in a day no problem but not short enough to wait. Day 1: They didn't turn a wrench on the truck. Day 2: Weren't finished Day 3: It was finished around 4 pm. They had one or two other small things to do to the truck but nowhere near 3 days worth of work. Good thing they can stick Chevy with a rental car when they can't complete what they say they can. Yes, mine is a 5.3. You can still feel a slight warble at idle sometimes and comparatively it is hardly noticeable to the original mounts. Hopefully these stand the test of time. If they didn't fix it it was going to be on the chopping block to trade out of GM.
  6. FYI, I just had the mounts done on my truck. I would say the rough idle is 90-95% gone. You can still feel an extremely slight shake every once in a while but I would have considered that normal operation not knowing any better. Otherwise, the truck is much quieter and feels smoother at highway speed in v4 mode than before. Reminds me more of when it was newer and I first bought it now.
  7. No, they need to order a steering angle sensor for it. I was pretty scared about them tearing into a steering column. When I get some time I am going to check their work under the dash and under the truck. Really don't want them doing the motor mounts on the truck so I may try and get another dealer to do that. I've had to find every TSB for every issue I have had myself. The only thing they fixed without help from me was installing a fresh gas shock for the soft lowering tailgate. Problems to date: Transfer case control module noise (I instructed them how to fix it) Tailgate soft lower (they installed a new cylinder) Steering noise (I diagnosed it) Clicking in HVAC (I fixed it myself) Informant screen going blank (software updates x2 first one didn't work) Motor mounts (I found the TSB not yet fixed).
  8. Guys, just wanted to share some info. Yesterday the local dealer put an entire new steering column in my truck for a steering noise. So far everything they have tried to fix I have had to diagnose myself. My truck had that slight clicking/noise when turning the wheel. It didn't originally have it but it gets worse over time. I picked it up yesterday. First day I dropped it off they already had the parts in stock and the work was pre-scheduled. They didn't even pull the truck into the shop. Yesterday I get there and they are excited the work is done etc. Get ready to grab the keys and they say well the noise is still there...... I didn't even look at it myself before to diagnose because it's their job right? I get home, annoyed with the process thus far and slide under the dash to investigate. In less than 30 seconds I had sourced the noise. It is the steering angle sensor located about halfway between the dash and firewall on the column. You can produce almost the exact noise by grabbing the sensor and moving it around gently. I am baffled by this dealerships lack of expertise and wish I would have picked someone else from the beginning. Just letting anyone who may have a noise that this might be an easy source/fix for you.
  9. Glad to head this from someone with experience. My truck fits the description of the rough idle bulletin exactly. Rough idle in neutral more rough in drive after it's been running for a while. Reverse and it is almost 100% gone but you can still feel it running.
  10. I run the Bridgestone Alenza H/L Plus. Still pretty light for MPGs/low rolling resistance but they are excellent in rain/good in snow. I ran them on my previous RWD truck and never had issues at steep boat ramps etc. I got this Chevy with the stock goodyears and couldn't pull boats out without spinning in 2wd. They also seem more stiff for towing with less wag in the rear end. Also, the truck doesn't bounce ridiculously over larger bumps that compress the suspension quite a bit.
  11. Same here, it also tends to swing back into the truck if you don't hold onto it. It is a fantastic way to store things in the bed. Easy to install. I wish I wouldn't have installed via the instructions though, measuring up 1.75" puts the forward bar at a weird spot that is going to interfere with upward pull on the bed eyelet when the box is off and you need to use that tie down point.
  12. I plan to investigate more in warmer weather.
  13. Good work, would never have imagined they made it that easy to get the front panel off. Figured it was one piece with the rear dash housing.
  14. I really wish there was a left to right adjustment. As my beams get further away from the truck (IE driving on a road with long sight) the center of the beams is way too far right leaving some of my lane uncovered by the brightest and highest parts of the beam...

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