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  1. Awesome build, I’m assuming your local due to where you had lift and everything installed. I’m in SA maybe I’ll see ya around I have a summit white Z71 as well and hopefully soon have a bds kit myself
  2. These come stock with 275/60/20 .... So there is no rubbing with the tires that these trucks come with from the factory
  3. Same here! 112-113 is what I saw. I’m assuming trail boss is limited at 98 due to the “lift” and all terrain tires
  4. Thank you! No rubbing up front, slight rubbing on the back. I trimmed half of the mud flap and right now it slightly touches the fender liner when reversing. I did not trim the liner. Caliper clearance is great, not even close. There is probably 1&1/2- 2 inches of space between caliper and the spoke. Sorry for the bad pics but this is full turn after trimming
  5. its changed from then now lol Yes KO2, I would do KO2 That particular nitro isn’t the best in wet conditions. I’ve had them all My go to tires are KO2 or Toyo RT
  6. 285/65/20 with only 2 inch level from ready lift About a 34.5 inch tall tire and 11.5 inches wide Very light rub on plastic mud flap when reverse at full lock, not enough for me to trim.
  7. I paid a little under $400 installed by the dealer including programming the BCM.
  8. That looks so good already, I’m wanting to do this lift as well!
  9. 2” ready lift front only 315/70/17 ko2 17x9.5 wheels
  10. I lowered the air pressure in my tires and it’s helped a bit but I’m running 315/70/17 6 ply BFG ko2 When air pressure was at 40-42 it was bouncy but not stiff Currently running them at 37ish and it’s a lot better This weekend I’ll be lowering them to 35 and see what that does. I am running each pressure a week long This is helping my issue but ultimately shocks will be replaced soon enough
  11. Mine is like that too. I’m just gonna tint my windshield already I’ve been putting it off Being in south Texas it’s hot down here My dumb sun shade made mine come up too
  12. Such a nice setup Had something similar on my Tacoma I use to own Best thing I ever did to it
  13. Well I’m kinda glad to see it’s more than one person. Crappy problem to have, I noticed it early on and no matter what I have done, wheels/tires or different air pressures it all reacted the same way. Shocks are on top of the mod list right now. I’m waiting for fox to release a 2.0 coil over good for two inches of lift so I can do something like a trail boss setup
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