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  1. Mine has the 2 inch ready lift It’s easily perfectly level or a tad higher in the front. Back when I had 22s on for a couple days, I can’t tell if it’s higher or lower with the 35s I have on now
  2. Turn the truck on, turn off and open the door so the truck fully shuts off Shut door Then try to hold maybe even up to ten seconds Once in accessory/on mode let it beep three times before letting go You will notice all the dash lights turning on as well
  3. Lol no problem I figured it out when I was detailing the truck one weekend and I got tired of doing that same thing
  4. Thanks! They make these wheels in bronze fyi, that would look good with silver. It’s LT Z71 with just a 2inch ready lift level and stock rear It did rub and still rubs just a hair when reversing at full lock. I trimmed off half the mud flap and unnecessary plastic that it was touching
  5. Hold the on button till the truck beeps About 5-7 second hold
  6. To give some what of a view of how they sit, very flush with the fenders even with a 12 inch wide tire My truck feels more stable but I believe only due to how wide of a tire I have. I don’t think the wheel size has much to do with that part
  7. I’m running 17x9.5 +12 offset I’m clearing the brakes with about 1&1/2 of clearance, now that’s with this particular wheel. I cant speak for others, but I went with this one not only for the look I wanted but the wheel specs that allowed me to clear a wide wheel with no spacers Tires are 315/70/17 BFG ko2
  8. Your right, it does look good like that! I was just curious, as I’m looking to get the same kit for mine
  9. This looks just awesome! Is it your driveway that is making it look like it has a ton of rake ?
  10. None at all, that’s what my local dealer had in stock when I purchased the truck so that’s what they put on. I had rough country on my 15 duramax with control arms and shocks all around I never had any issues with that. I do have to say I did it for budget reasons and temporary lift, if I had everything may way I would just do a bds kit Or some type of coil overs and control arms
  11. Looks awesome! No wheel spacers needed to retain the stock wheels ?
  12. Ready lift 2 inch level right here Sits even with the rear I’m running 315/70/17 which is about a 35 but I had to trim a little bit On factory wheels I ran 305/55/20 mud tires with no trimming
  13. Good to know I’m not the only one who came from an HD truck, it’s a big difference but the comfort is way better in these trucks especially the driving seat and the steering wheel
  14. Awesome build, I’m assuming your local due to where you had lift and everything installed. I’m in SA maybe I’ll see ya around I have a summit white Z71 as well and hopefully soon have a bds kit myself
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