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  1. Glad to see they are actual GM filters !!
  2. I bought some PF63 oil filters on Amazon and am wondering if they are really ACDelco, or a Chinese knockoff. The filter seems to have the same construction as one that I know is genuine, but has an odd label I have never seen. Also came in a very non GM looking box with multiple languages. I have attached photo with known genuine filter on left, and suspect one on right
  3. I cut the pieces from the rear seat floor liner. It goes way under the under seat storage bin. I sewed it with a sewing awl made for upholstery, and it was very easy.
  4. They came as part of the all terrain package. I've always had Weathertechs in the past. The GMs fit pretty decent, except for that one glaring flaw.
  5. Finally added vinyl pieces under accelerator pedal on my drivers side GM floor liner. Took less than an hour to sew them on, and I now get NO dirt at all on my carpet !
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