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  1. Brake Errors During DPF Regen

    To clarify, I am referring to the factory 'camping wiring' option that is a bundle of wires taped and tucked between the cab and bed. They just added the correct connector to the end, and I assume that's all that was involved.
  2. Brake Errors During DPF Regen

    UPDATE: I'm still stumped. I got an Edge Insight monitor to see if I can see anything interesting on any of the sensors during the problem. The Insight even has the ability to data log. However, whenever the truck triggers an error code, the Insight crashes- so it's useless for diagnostics like this. :-/ So, my next idea is to get a set of the factory service manuals so I can do a continuity test on the individual wires between the EBCM and wherever else they go. My assumption is that one of these is energized during regen and it has a short and that's what is causing the problem. Side note: this only started happening after an RV dealer put a connector on the end of my 'camper wiring' harness. Coincidence? Question: Before I spend $400 on these books, do they show the wire pin locations and routes between the control modules? I have a big big long trip coming up at the end of November and really need to get this fixed. thanks.
  3. Brake Errors During DPF Regen

    Thanks Colossus. Also, does anyone know the meaning of the diagnostic screens on an Innova scan tool? It looks to me like it thinks my exhaust temperature is 11,700 degrees! I had this hooked up while the problem happened, but I couldn't find any useful information in there.
  4. Brake Errors During DPF Regen

    Yes, I posted on that forum first. I think those guys are more interested in performance mods and lift kits than CAN bus problems. So, I came here hoping to find someone that might know how these systems intersect or can at least look up those sub codes in the secret gm tech tables. And I agree with you about these emissions systems. Even though they are technological marvels, they are super frustrating when they don't work!
  5. Brake Errors During DPF Regen

    Possibly, but there's really no way to track that down. And it seems to kick the error right as soon as the regen actually starts- like after it gets up to a certain temp. So that makes me think it's an electronic issue. Plus, GM did a pretty good job routing wires away from the exhaust.
  6. Brake Errors During DPF Regen

    UPDATE: I have checked resistance on all the grounds, checked wiring for chafing, checked wire connectors for bad pins, checked voltage of both batteries, checked the resistance on the CAN bus, replaced the vehicle speed sensor, replaced the CAN bus terminating resistor, and replaced the brake computer... and I'm still having the problem. The truck runs fine for hundreds of miles, then has this problem immediately as soon as DPF regen starts. Can anyone speculate why/how this could be happening? What common component between a regen and the brake system could cause this? Please and thank you.
  7. Brake Errors During DPF Regen

    Thanks so much for the good info. I'll check the connector ground this weekend. Ah, I'm bummed about this. Does it need programming even if I don't have Stabilitrac? Will I at least be able to drive it to the dealer after installing? The info about the EMI validates a story I heard from another guy that he got this problem whenever he drove under high power lines. That would suck. So, maybe my EBCM is sensitive for some reason, and the EMI or heat from the regen process is causing my issue.
  8. Brake Errors During DPF Regen

    I have a mystery: I get the ABS and Brake Light error warning lights ONLY DURING REGEN. The speedo, all gauges and the brakes work fine. The lights go out after restarting, but will come back if regen is still happening. I can pull the following codes: C0055-0f invalid data received from electronic brake control module - signal erratic U0100-7f lost communication with engine control module bus - signal erratic I've checked all the chassis grounds, battery grounds (all .3 or .4 ohms) and the condition of both batteries (both 12.7 volts after sitting over a week). I have replaced the vehicle speed sensor to no avail. I'd like to think that the EBCM is not bad since it works fine when there's no regen happening. However, I still need to check the ground to it's connector. And I am open to replacing it since it's only $130. So, here are my questions: Does anyone know the ground pin(s) of the EBCM connector? If I get the exact EBCM unit, does it have to be reprogrammed for a 100% stock truck? (stock wheels/tires) Does anyone have access to any dealer TSB for this condition or have any other insight? the truck: 2013 GMC 3500 Duramax, dually, crew cab, SLE, 4x4, only 25k miles, clean and pampered thanks in advance!

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