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  1. This may sound off the wall but I had all sorts of wonky electrical issues with my 2014 Silverado 1500LT and I tracked it down to a broken wire in the driver door wire harness. Chevy did a great job in making that harness really tight and causing the wires to flex excessively breaking one of the wires. Open the drivers door with the truck running and flex the harness as much as you can and see if you can make the errors pop up. It sounds off the wall but with the way the computers are in the modern vehicles everything is tied in some way together so if there's a short circuit it can cause
  2. So it started two weeks ago when I was locked out of my running 2014 Silverado. I was loading the trash for a dump run, started the truck to warm it up, got out closed the door and heard the tell tail click of the doors locking. Luckily it happened inthe driveway so had the spare keys in the house. Thought I was losing my marbles, thought truck was haunted ?. When I opened the truck up I noticed when I closed the drivers door the truck would lock itself. Found the drivers window worked ok but I couldn’t control the other three windows and the mirrors from the drivers controls. All wind
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