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  1. Adding a Catch Can

    Any difference in mpgs? Curious only. I still have yet to purchase one. Mpgs would not be why I would. Just from what I read some donand some don’t.
  2. Diablo in tune i3 8200 or 8245 tuner

    I’ve had my i3 Tuner from Diablo a week now. I have the canned Diablo tune installed. I couldn’t answer you regarding your cruise control as I never use it. throttle response is awesome. It shifts better too. I have this tuner in addition to an AFE Momentum GT 5R Cold Air Intake & a true dual, two muffler Flowmaster exhaust system. Drove it out of town Sunday on a 4 hour trio and averaged 24+ mpgs.
  3. IMG_5900 (3).jpg

    What are these wheels and tires? Names and spec please. Very sharp!
  4. My wife has a nice suv so on any long distance trip...we take hers. I’ve always loved the two doors. In my opinion, they are sportier than 4-door truck. I have always owned a two door truck. With a bed cover...storage is unlimited. I also have a bed extender so everything important stays near the tailgate opening. Both my 98’ & 17’ have a Bakflip Bed Cover along with a bed extender. I highly recommend them both.
  5. Actually did purchase those GM oem wheel well liners. Pic was from a couple of months ago. Thanks so much
  6. New to the forum as of a couple of weeks ago but just saw this page tonight. Vehicles: 1998 GMC SIERRA SLT 1500 5.7 +True Dual Flowmaster Delta Flow 50 Series Exhaust System +Bakflip Fibermax Bed Cover +Billet Grille +Kenwood Excelon GPS Unit w/Apple Car Play +JL Audio 13.5” W5 sub with Hertz Component Speakers/JLA Amp 2017 GMC SIERRA SLT 5.3L +True Dual Flowmaster Delta Flow 50 Series Exhaust System +AFE Momentum GT Pro 5R CAI +AFE Throttle Body Spacer +Diablo Intune i3 Tuner +Bakflip F1 Bed Cover w/Bakbox +Denali Grille Insert +Katskin Leather Seat CoverS +Weathertech Floor Mats +Window Tints (installing AFE/Diablo mods this week with help from a buddy. Exhaust installed last week) I am a high school teacher and head baseball coach. I also own a lawncare business. Thanks Patrick B
  7. talked my brother out of a 2017 Sierra

  8. talked my brother out of a 2017 Sierra

    2017 GMC Sierra 5.3L SLE purchased 3 months ago. Zero issues so far + True Dual Flowmaster DeltaFow 50 Series(being installed tomorrow) +AFE Momentum GT Pro 5R CAI(on way)
  9. Both of my rides: 98’ GMC Sierra SLT 5.7 17’ GMC Sierra SLE

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