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  1. I am going to pull the filter and look again and change the oil along with it. His video shows him blowing out the sensor socket with air so I will do that as well.
  2. Yes, it was pretty dirty. I had seen a few posts from CDARNAU about a fix he has ina video. Going to look at that and see if it fixes it, but I am open to other suggestions at this point! Love my truck, but this is getting ridiculous!
  3. I had this issue and replaced the sensor and the filter on my 2013 LTZ. All was well until this morning and I am getting the oil pressure issues again as I was driving to the dealership for an Airbag recall. Should I pull the sensor and check it again? It had only been on for a little over a month?
  4. I have a 2013 1500 LTZ with the DL3 Mirrors. I just purchased a set of Tow Mirrors for it that have the power fold option. Can I tie them into the existing power-fold switch rather than use the one that came with the mirrors? Link for Mirrors: http://oemassive.com/2-pcs-for-07-13-silverado-serria-towing-mirrors-with-heat-turn-signal-black/ They look great and seem solid! Just hoping to use existing switch in my truck.
  5. Did you notice any excessive movement going over bumps or potholes from this kit? I am getting the tires aligned today but curious if you have noticed this with your '13.
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