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  1. I have the in-channel. The only complaint I have is sometimes the driver's window rolls back down if it fits too tight. Seems to depend on the temperature. I had the tape on kind on my old truck and after a while the tape came loose and I had to take them off. Getting the old tape off the paint was a pain.
  2. Mine does the same thing. I've heard a few others that also do it. I've read that it's either a vacuum pump or the sound of the direct fuel injection.
  3. I had a mouse getting in and making it to the interior this summer. I tried the dryer sheet thing and never saw it again. I zip tied a few near the wiper cowl vent since that's where it was getting in. I also changed the cabin air filter and found out it had been building a nest on top of the filter.
  4. My truck did a lot of odd things like that. I bought the Range AFM Disabler and it eliminated all of it. I still may end up getting a tune at some point just to get the throttle a little more responsive.
  5. I used a trim removal tool to pop the front one off of my 16. A flat screwdriver would work just the same. Just hold your finger behind it so you don't pry against the grill. It pops off easy.
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