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  1. CB radio

    This is an 08. But they have similar glove box designs. https://youtu.be/c7exWtKt9L8
  2. CB radio

    Could be wrong but I'd be willing to bet the airbag is directly behind it.
  3. The pump in the tank is a lift pump. The HPFP is under the intake manifold. Direct injection engines have 2 pumps. One to get fuel from the tank to the secondary pump(HPFP), and one for injection pressure. Sorry if this doesn't make much sense.. I'm a few beers in.. Side note. Just got my truck back from the 2nd dealer. They swapped the HPFP again. Time will tell. --edit-- just realized this had been answered . Like I said..🍺🍻
  4. CB radio

    I almost bought a used 71a a few months ago. Post up some pics when you get it mounted up!
  5. CB radio

    What radio model do you have? Where are you mounting the remote face?
  6. IMO It's probably not the distance that is causing the vibration. Most likely the angle. I know a lot of kits come with shims to straighten up the driveline.
  7. Welp 5 days and 260 miles later oil level is rising again.
  8. CB radio

    And mines a double cab I'll check it out soon.
  9. CB radio

    Same here. If you do it before I get mine done take a pic or two of the hole you find.
  10. Ok, just an update on my truck. I dropped it off this morning and picked it up an hour ago. They replaced the HPFP, and changed the oil. I guess only time will tell. I checked the dipstick and took pictures of it this time. Yea I might be a little picky but its a brand new damn truck, I want it to last. I will update if anything changes.
  11. CB radio

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/1oDgbO6E69PvArtz2 https://photos.app.goo.gl/91bfzurEEjGcrpyi2 https://photos.app.goo.gl/GsYv8uLR0aj4XM9Q2
  12. CB radio

    Nice I have the bench seat. Mine is my first brand new vehicle ever so I'm scared to cut or drill holes. So I made a removable mount out of a couple 2x4s that wedge under the center console and hold my radio(Ham not CB) out front in a handy location. Pics coming in a few!
  13. I would also be interested in analysis recommendations.
  14. Just got mine back from the dealer. Tech said" no fuel in crankcase" also said " Due to the high vacuum in the crankcase of this motor, If fuel were present in the oil it would throw a rich code on the ECM and turning on the CEL" No repairs were made. Now I have a dash cam installed they left the key in the whole time it was in the shop, they never popped the hood. Aside from that as far as I know the only way an ecm detects a rich condition is if the o2 sensors see it. Am I wrong there?

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