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  1. I dont have much idle time either. Even when its cold out i only let it sit for a few minutes to get everything warmed up. With heated seats and steering wheel theirs no need to let my truck run for 10-15 minutes to get warm. Thats insane that your 6.2 is getting the same MPG as my 5.3. I'm making a trip to camp this weekend which is about 140 mile round trip and 90% highway. I will drive up stock and drive home with the 87 tune and see if theirs a difference.
  2. That’s on the agenda. Just dropped about 2k into my truck so I’m on a break for a bit or the old lady might kill me
  3. What about a decrease? After I finish my factory test maybe I’ll install the regular 87 tune. Did you just do the 87 tune preset or did you change some settings yourself?
  4. Yeah it’s pretty crap. I restored it back to factory and it doing another 3 day test. It got screwed up today from a snow storm and I was stop and go a lot because people don’t know how to drive when it snows lol will post updated results..
  5. I was at first to feel the power difference which was meh didnt expect anything life changing from a MPG tune lol but when I was tracking the MPG the 3 days back and fourth to work I wasn't heavy on the pedal at all.
  6. I searched on here and didnt find much (maybe im just terrible at searching) but I recently tuned my 18 Sierra 5.3 8 speed with the Diablo inTune i3. I selected the canned MPG tune to start and planned on getting custom one later. I also have a Borla Atak and S&B CAI and no leveling kit or lift. With the CAI and Borla Atak I was averaging 18.6 MPG. I tracked this using my 74 mile round trip travel to work for 3 days in a row. After tuning it dropped too 15.4 (I did the math from trip log and didnt just use the trucks MPG tracker)..same route, temperature changed a bit but my driving habits are the same. My commute to work is mostly back roads where im doing 55-60 mph. Anyone else ever have any issues with MPG loss after tuning? Everything I read lead me to believe that the MPG would go up. I'm just more concerned that I did something wrong while tuning. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!
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