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  1. 2017 GMC 1500 TO A 2500 Hood Conversion

    Any inside pics??? Did you make the scoop functional?
  2. Jet black I believe
  3. I have 17 CCSB Denali Ultimate with the White Frost Tricoat and was concerned about the same thing. After driving for a couple weeks I got a few chips on the front bumper. Before things got worse, I got the front bumper and piece above the bumper covered in Expel Ultimate film. I would recommend to get this immediately if you want to keep it from getting damaged. I paid a local shop that is certified by Expel to install and it ran me about $500, that included them touching up the few chips I had also. It's not cheap, but definatly worth the investment. Now I don't worry at all about anything chipping the bumper. Does not require any special treatment and I can't even really tell that is is there. As far as using it behind the wheels, I have the stock molded mud flaps and that protects that area IMO and don't think it is necessary. I considered doing the front edge of my hood, but didn't want to see the line where the film edge ends and didn't want to cover the entire hood with the film either.
  4. Running a 17 with the Denali Ultimate package and have the 22's. I never have any trouble with them. I love how the look. I'd say go with them....
  5. Now that's an idea! lol
  6. Hanks for the reply. I was hoping they were going to replace the whole thing. It really bothers me looking st it every time I walk to me truck.... 🤔
  7. Did they replace the whole trim piece or just make it work? Mine seems to be bowed and missing the clips that hold it down flat.
  8. Could it be some sort of cleaning product you are using? Just a thought.
  9. 2017 GMC Denali CCSB and on my diver side right above the door on the top of exterior of the cab the long piece of trim that spans the length of the roof keeps coming off towards the back. It looks like it may be missing some clips that hold it down. There is only one on the very back right above the rear window that is a small round piece of metal that holds the end of it. About one a week it comes off by itself. The passenger side is perfect and totally flat. Drivers side looks like it is bowing. Any ideas? Possible warranty issue? Been this way since I got it and was going to wait till my next free oil change to bring it up.....
  10. My 2017 Denali Ultimate CCSB has all those features and when heading out of the lane it does not jerk the wheel at all. Just gently nudges you back into the lane. The only time you get the seat to vibrate is when you bounce from left to right with out grabbing the wheel. The DIC say take control of the wheel. I have had several times that the FCA saved me from a rear ended. Mine flashes the red lights, seat vibrates, and slows you down with the brakes just enough for you to react and finish braking yourself if need be. I have never tested it to see if it would actually being me to a complete stop though. Not sure that is what this system is designed to do. I haven't had the courage to actually try it with a real vehicle I front of me.
  11. Going around corners most of the time
  12. Going around corners under acceleration most of the time.
  13. When you said your seat popped. Was it only when you were going around a corner. Either left or right doesn't matter. It is very slight and deosnt bother me other than the fact I can feel it. 2017 GMC Denali CCSB Ultimate. No other peoblems....

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