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  1. Just finished an 1,100 mile road trip back to Illinois, to see my kids that we just moved away from 3 months ago.
  2. Well, where do I start. Put the house up for sale in Illinois, sold in two days. Couldn't find a place to rent until we figured out what we were gonna do. So, bit the bullet and moved to Florida. Was always in the cards, just not this soon. Renting till our house is complete. Truck is sitting outside till house is complete in December. B&M trans pan install and Amsoil fluid change out on hold till December (no garage). Good news is Cab Over America lights get charged constantly. Still not happy with the fit and finish. At least I'll have shorts on this December .
  3. Hello all, I have a 2015 Sierra SLT, that I upgraded the headlights to 2016 LED Headlights with the "C" DRL's back in 2017. These lights are OEM, not aftermarket. All has been good until a couple of weeks ago. I noticed about two weeks ago that while I was stopped behind someone, i could see in the reflection, my driver's side DRL was out, passenger was working. I had been driving for about 2 hours or so. So I went to look into it the next day, started the truck up and the DRL light was now working. Well, I can't fix it if it's not acting up, so I left it alone. Yesterday, my wife says that the driver's side DRL is out, sure enough it is. And I had been driving for about 3 or so hours. So I go to look into it today and guess what, yes, the DRL is working. Is there some kind of heat sync or something that if it gets too hot, it shuts the DRL off? Passenger side is working fine. Both headlights work fine along with the DRL's dimmed when the headlights are on. I remember when I first installed these lights, they have an aluminum finned box behind them. Not sure if that's a control module or some kind of heat diffuser. Any help or ideas, would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance
  4. Too early to tell. The fit, I'm a little disappointed in. The rubber base doesn't sit flush with roof, due to the contour of the roof. Lights are bright and work as they should. I just installed, so I will check to see how long actual run time is. Not sure it was worth the $400, but I didn't have to drill and the lights work as intended and I achieved what I was looking for so. If I can somehow get the rubber base to sit flush, I will be happy. Thanks for the interest.
  5. Installed “Cab Over America” LED Amber clearance lights. No drill solar powered lights.
  6. PML Cover. It has the curved back for the Ring gear, like the "Banks" video shows. I was looking at the G2 cover first, but the rear of the cover is flat. Easy drain, easy fill. Just my 2 cents.
  7. If you want them on anytime the truck is on, then you want to connect your hot wire to an ignition hot on your fuse bank. That will be located on the drivers side of the dash, on the side panel.
  8. Thanks, lift is a 4" ProComp. Not sure about the spacers with the factory rims. I have -35 offset with these rims with no rubbing.
  9. 35x12.5x20. Just soo you get an idea of the looks
  10. On my wish list as well. I'm on 35's with 3.42's, and my trans downshifts at the slightest hill on the highways.
  11. Lights, I bought off Ebay for $900, and the harness I bought off the OP of this post for $150. 2016 SLT lights in 14/15 SLT/All Terrain almost done - 2014-2018 Silverado & Sierra Mods - GM-Trucks.com (gm-trucks.com)
  12. Yes it does. One of the main reasons I bought it. I’ve watched a couple of videos of guys using the 2x4 and ratchet strap. This pan is a little thicker than the stock at its thinnest point. Hopefully I can get enough clearance.
  13. 6 speed. If the weather stays warm, shooting for this weekend to install. From what I’ve seen, install will be complicated by GM’a ingenious idea to run the exhaust crossmember right over the trans pan. Install pics to follow.
  14. Next up. Trans fluid, filter, pan change, and thermostat delete.
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