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  1. I have had the Range in my Sierra for 3 years now. No issues what so ever, and I just came back from the dealer for my Soft Brake Pedal Recall. They plug a scanner in every time you go in for service to see if there are any codes present. As long as you disconnect it before you go in, they cannot detect the Range.
  2. Rexing V1 Pro, with Hardwire Kit. Front and Rear cameras with upgraded SD Card. Sorry about the bad lighting, pics taken in the garage.
  3. The plastic plugs that are in your bed sidewall will work for the holes in your frame. That's what I used when I installed my cargo tie downs in the bed sidewall holes.
  4. Sorry everyone, I'm in the Joliet, IL area (45 minutes Southwest of Chicago)
  5. Hello Everyone, I have some misc. parts that I have taken off my 2015 GMC Sierra SLT when I upgraded my Headlights & tail lights and de-chromed my truck that I'm looking to sell. Attached are descriptions with prices. I would prefer to sell locally to save on shipping costs but if the price is right. I am old school, so if I ship, payment would have to be by check or money order, as I'm really not familiar with Paypal. Thanks for looking. *2015 GMC Sierra SLT / Denali Headlights-- $700.00 Headlights are SLT / Denali version, so you have LED DRL strip. Headlight halogen bulbs have been replaced and upgraded to Xenon Depot LED 9012 Extreme LED Headlight Kit. 4,000 Lumen and at 5,700K color. Original Halogen bulbs are included as well but not installed. Headlights were taken off when I upgraded. Lights are in excellent condition, no scratches or cracks, all tabs present, and lights are in working. *2015 GMC Sierra SLT Tail lights-- $200.00 Tail lights are stock. Tail lights were taken off when I upgraded both. Lights are in excellent condition, no scratches or cracks, and lights are in working order. *2015 GMC Sierra SLT Grill-- $175.00 Taken off when I changed grills No fading or scratches Black "GMC" is a vinyl overlay, original red "GMC" is underneath *2015 GMC Sierra Chrome Door Handles--$75.00 These are OEM door handles, NOT covers. Taken off when I blacked out my truck. No missing parts, ready to install. I am also throwing in the two OEM Chrome mirror caps for the same vehicle for free. They are missing the two bottom tabs that lock into mirror base, but I believe double sided 3M tape would work to hold those in place.
  6. Thanks TX LIMO, I'm very happy with the way it turned out. I purchased the LED's from Amazon. Below is a snip of the exact ones I purchased. Thanks again for the compliment.
  7. So, I've been debating whether I wanted to do the rear bumper step light mod or not. I don't need the additional light for backing up, (I have 2" RC Pods for that purpose) but thought it might be nice for illuminating the step should I need to get into the bed at night. I ended up going ahead and installing 3/4" LED white pods that I tied into the reverse circuit. I did the cargo light / reverse light diode mod a while back, so whenever the cargo lights or reverse lights are on, the step lights will come on. Also added 3/4" LED red outer marker lights and tied them into parking lights.
  8. Uniden 980 SSB mated with a 3' Firestik antenna.
  9. Midnight, I apologize, I'm not sure what you mean by art up. As far as my range, I was checking for radio checks, and I was talking to guys that were on I55 and I80, which is about 4-5 miles from my house. I may be able to get a little further when I get out on the open road, but that was just from my driveway. SWR readings at 1.25 across channels 1 & 40.
  10. Finally got a chance to tune my Firestik CB antenna. A big thanks to @Ravenkeeper for his guidance and help with getting my SWR readings within specs.
  11. 391691782482 Got mine from GMpartsdirect You will need to paint surround, and remove inner plastic radiator shroud from old grill.
  12. As promised, here are the pictures of the finished project. I will definitely be looking for a quick disconnect for the antenna.
  13. Will do. Assuming there are no problems. Should be able to post some pics this Sunday.
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