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  1. WOW thanks for all the detailed pics. Your truck looks great. I have the exact same truck just in silver. I even have the same diff cover. The CST kit is the cleanest kit of them all and the included skid plate is a nice bonus to round out the kit. I will probably go with the adjustable coilovers with reservoirs. This kit starts to get pretty pricey when you are all in with coilovers, UCA and lift. Thanks again for the response!
  2. Notice you have the CST 4.5” lift. How do you like it with their coilovers? I’m seriously considering this lift for my 2018. Do you have any pics of your truck you can share?
  3. Ya 60k is early. I’ve owned several GM trucks and they have gone out around 130k miles or so. I have an Escalade right now with the original alternator at 189k.
  4. I know this thread is a bit old but looking seriously the CST lift for my truck. I had a question, how did you decide on the CST Coilovers vs' Fox or King? I'm sure CST will say they are just as good or better but curious if you researched it and what made you decide on the CST coilovers.
  5. Some of the issues I read on here are hard to imagine. It makes you lose your faith in GM but I would imagine if I went on a Dodge or Ford forum I’d read the similar crazy issues. I try and tell myself this forum is a small subset of owners with corner case issues and most people are satisfied with their GM trucks and have pretty good luck with them. My 2018 Sierra has been perfect and it has 34k miles on it. Good luck and try and keep things in perspective. I agree there are some places where they have cut corners but there are some people with some real horror stories out there.
  6. The dealer should warranty that even at your mileage. Jeez, that’s pretty lame.
  7. I have a 2018 Sierra crew can that i bought new and ever since new I’ve noticed that when I have the A/C off and the fan on and temp set to low I’m getting warm air from the vents. It seems to be warmer at times than others. AC works fine and all I just can’t help but notice warm air coming from the vents when set to fresh air from outside. Anyone notice this on their truck?
  8. I just had an unknown grinding issue on my 2012 escalade that sounded terrible and I thought I was doomed with a major driveline issue. With some investigation I discovered that the parking brake shoe on the driver side rear had detached and was being ground up inside the rotor hat. Not the metal ring just the brake lining had detached. This was at 180k miles though. $20 for new parking break shoes at Autozone. Can you say “awesome”?!!!
  9. Yes when rolling, slowing down and then getting on the pedal again it doesn't respond fast enough. I rented a 2018 Tahoe on a business trip with the 5.3 (6) speed and it was perfect. I was hoping the dealer has a fix for this as it's a well known condition. If it was related to AFM/DOD, fuel cut off or down shifting what would you suggest as next steps to improve it?
  10. I have a 2018 GMC Sierra with the 6 speed. I know this has been discussed on this forum but is there any remedy to the weak throttle tip in performance of this transmission? I have the 2018 model year so I assume I have the updated throttle peddle? I did the shim between the lower corner of the throttle plate and the firewall. It helped a little but in my opinion it’s still not right. I love everything about this truck but the transmission shifting. It just doesn’t seem right. Is there an update at the dealer I can do?
  11. I’m sure these liners were well thought out so I wouldn’t worry about moisture causing any long term damage. These types of liners have been used on European luxury cars for many years. Just took the US auto makers time to catch on.
  12. This is the exact reason my cars/trucks never enter a dealership for any service. You turn those keys over to them you never know what’s going to happen. The reality is is that your car means nothing to them and they will never take the same care of it the owner would. Oil change and tire rotation? Take a couple of hours on a Saturday and do it yourself. Sorry to hear about your troubles. let us know how they handle it.
  13. I have a 2018 Sierra and was recently in snow at a ski resort driving around town in 4wd for a few days and noticed the added noise when in 4wd. I thought it was a little strange but I think it’s normal for these trucks.
  14. I have a 2018 GMC Sierra z71 with adjustable peddles. I love every aspect of my truck but hated the lag on what I now know as tip-in. It really bothered me a lot to the point I was actually embarrassed to hand the keys to anyone to drive it. I came across this thread by pure accident and was surprised to hear that my truck was not the only case and people have been suffering from this issue for years now. Anyway I checked my gas pedal for the flex in the plastic plate and sure enough it had some flex in it. My original thought was that it wasn’t flexing much and I may not notice a difference after applying the fix. I cut and flattened a piece of 3/8” rubber hose under the plastic plate and have been driving around all day today. To my surprise and relief most of the tip in lag is gone. Everyone should do this mod as it makes the gas pedal much more predictable and a solid feeling as it should be.
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