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  1. FHLH's 2016 Silverado CC LTZ Z71

    Adding pics of the Go-Rhino D6 install... Shipping damage pics and various installation pics. Install was pretty straightforward and It took me an hour and 15 to perform the first side by myself. 45 minutes to do the other side since I had a process down. I'd imagine it would go much quicker with an extra set of hands. Also, each D6 is about 40lbs. Thoughts: I like the look and the adjustability of the steps. I would have preferred one more bracket per side (8 total instead of just 6) so I could utilize all the mounting locations the truck provides.
  2. What is the height of your truck at the XM Antenna? I would like a lift, but would also like to continue to park in my garage. TIA!
  3. FHLH's 2016 Silverado CC LTZ Z71

    Added Go-Rhino D64052T Dominator D6 Nerf Bar from EBAY vendor USPARTSOUTLET. Who I highly recommend. They refunded me $50.00 because UPS did slight damage to the bars no questions asked. Really like the setup overall, just wish go-rhino would have added two more mounts so I could have 4 per side instead of three. I have the provisions for 4, so more is better right? Will post pics shortly
  4. very nice. it's a shame simply locking the truck is not considered secure these days..
  5. Yep I don't do chrome either hence the first thing removed from my truck was the factory chrome 20's I tried black, but just wasn't liking it. Looking to de-chrome my LTZ all together eventually.... but that's probably played out, too I like billet/machined wheels. I think the machined Method Standards look amazing as do the Forged Innov8's and I would have switched to those had I not got a smoking deal on these OEM GMC wheels. I like those dark grey z71 Tahoe wheels too.
  6. What's next, My Husky Liners caused the heated and cooled seats to stop functioning?
  7. You need a password for the Ford and FCA apps as well. but once the skill is confirmed with the app/account. You won't need the password with Alexa. Doesn't matter. the GM skill isn't out there.
  8. Check my build page in the sig. I love these GMC wheels.... yes, black wheels are WAY overplayed.
  9. Added Go Rhino D6 dominators. I’m ok with them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. 285/65r18 Falken Once with 0 offset Pro-comp 18x9 wheels and it it's current form with OEM GMC 18's
  11. Added some Go-Rhino D6 Dominator steps Will update when there is light [emoji4] And then there was light. Going to do some more tweaking tonight. I think they look ok. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. check out my build page, I have some images of the Pro-Comps at 0 vs my OEM setup that might help give you an idea on the look.

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