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  1. $400-$500 please contact me on my cell number that is shown above for further information or details.
  2. These are brand new OEM GM Tri Fold Power Steps; they have the wire horness's already attached shoud be an easy plug and play job. Needs a GM made truck, should fit on yrs 2000+. Please contact me 3615504209 if interested. Must pick up at my address which will be given to you accordingly. Or we can make other arrangements. CASH ONLY! NO SCAMMERS ALLOWED! Must make arrangements with me for shipping.
  3. Yes but not the oem tri mode power steps. I have been busting ass trying to find these, if u could be so kind as to tell me where to look or who to call or even talk to I'd really appreciate it... no offense but yall aren't the only ones that like them u kno. I'm sure there are others like me that have been having trouble as to where to even start looking and I'm just asking for that information.
  4. Thank you soo much, was also needing some answers bout the GM Tri mode power steps u installed on youtube, i was wondering where i can get those and if i need any additional parts. Louis G Migl
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