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  1. Honestly, I don't rub that bad at all. The only rubbing issues I have are at full lock and even at that the tire just barely rubs the carpet fender liner. And I mean just barely touches it. I had ordered a 1.5" body lift that I thought I would need to clear the tires but they fit just fine without it. I take it off road every once in awhile and it does fine. I think it comes down to the offset I guess. I have +18 offset.
  2. Thank you! just put them on a few weeks ago and love them. Not that the standard DL8 mirrors were bad but these towing mirrors offer so much more visibility and love the look.
  3. My '15 Silverado with 2.5 inch level. 18x9 Method Race Wheels with 295/70 tires. Measure out to be approx. 34.3 by 11.2.
  4. Here's my '15 Silverado - 2.5 level, 18x9 Method Race Wheels and 295/70 tires.
  5. Hi Anthony, thank you for reaching out. I fixed the radio and it turned out to be a super simple procedure to fix it.
  6. Wow this fixed it, thanks. I am a little surprised it was that simple. Thank you
  7. Hi all, got in my truck one day a few weeks ago and the radio display was malfunctioning. The screen cuts off halfway so you cannot see the station, artist, song title, etc. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the battery, maybe I didn't leave it unhooked long enough but that didn't work. Anybody else seen something like this or know how to fix it? I'll attach a photo. **the picture is upside down, don't know how to fix it, I apologize** Thanks
  8. Hi all, I am seriously considering installing a set of Texas Speed catted headers on my 2015 5.3 Silverado. I know that I will need and want a tune after they are installed but I am struggling with the tune part. I am moving next week to southwestern Colorado and unfortunately, there are very few shops that offer tuning and dyno services in my area. In fact, the only shop I have found has not responded to my emails or phone calls so I might be out of luck. My question is, after installing headers, can I get by with a custom tune from blackbear or diablew? I am no expert but I thought on a custom dyno tune, you can adjust as you make pulls to maximize power and drivability. Can blackbear / diablew provide just as good of a tune even though it will be created remotely? Or do I need a tune created in person using a dyno? Also, I ran several searches before creating this post without finding anything that related to my question. If such a form already exists, please point me to it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  9. I have a custom cat back setup with 3rd cat delete on my truck using the Carven R series muffler. I personally think it sounds pretty good but would probably be too loud for what you are looking for. Since you are looking for a ready to go system that is not super loud I would look into the Borla S type. Friend of mine had it for awhile and upgraded to ATAK because the S type wasn't loud enough for him. Also, Carven has cat back systems available, they are worth a look but might have drone. If you feel like paying a lot for an exhaust, the Corsa sport claims zero drone. Hope this helps you get closer to a decision.
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