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  1. Take everything you read here with a grain of salt. The information is endless and very good. You will find some happy owners and some pissed owners. There is NO truck out there that is perfect all the time. Id make sure to test for the "Chevy Shake", 70+mph, that a PITA. Understand that these are direct injection motors, oil consumption is real, a lot here have installed catch cans, and monitor oil level. Learn to love Active Fuel Management (can help with MPG"s), or just get a tune to shut if off. All in all these are sweet rides and I think you cant go wrong. I love my truck, have own'd GM all my life.
  2. 35w or 55w? I've heard the 55w buzz a lot louder and it is normal. 35w buzz, but very suttle, might not even hear those. if you got them from TRS then call them and ask.
  3. So I would be correct in saying if I removed the resonator only, left the flapper, I could get better sound and no "chopper" noise? Just want to experiment before dropping big coin on exhaust system if the "chopper" sound is gonna drive me nuts. That's been my only hang up all along.
  4. My 2014 Sierra All Terrain doesn't light up. Guess I have an early 2014. that would explain why I don't have rear step bumper either. Wonder if its possible to get the lighted switch and swap them out?
  5. I purchased my 14 GMC sierra cc all terrain a few months back. Vibration starts at 75 and is there til 82. Its pretty noticeable, but I'm not always driving that fast, or if I go faster it goes away. I'd like it not to shake, but it seems there is going to have to be an act of god to get GM to step in. I deal with cause its not that bad, but I wish I could get it corrected. If it is a manufacturing issue it should be addressed by GM, regardless of current owner. My 05 Sierra was so much better built. I love my 14, just a few little bugs to deal with.
  6. Its called the millennial option, RPO code: stupid. So much time on devices less time paying attention. Problem is they wont read the cluster, it should pop up on thier phone once the vehicle is turned off.
  7. I'd go color blind for a good deal if everything else on the truck is what you wanted.
  8. Its so stupid people don't forget there kids or animals in there vehicle. But they sure wont forget there phones!
  9. Sierra use 9012 bulb, and a shutter to operate high beams. Try thrretrofitsource.com for the morrimoto HID kit, plug and play. You can get LED fog light assemblies or just bulbs. Stuff is good quality. there is a sticky on lighting that will tell you all about it.
  10. My 2014 All Terrain SLT crew has a rear sliding window, I don't really use it much.
  11. I too just got a "new to me" 2014 sierra all terrain crew cab. I love the truck, only a few minor issues, but nothing to sour my love of the truck or GM in general. I passed down my 05 sierra SLT crew, Z71 to my daughter for her first ride, it has 285k on it. Great truck. I have owned numerous GM vehicles, all have had there issues, but still loved them all. Enjoy your ride.
  12. The "Radio" isn't really a radio anymore, its a processor and will sometimes get stuck when it "wakes up", like when your smart phone has a delay. As more info is stored onto the "radio" it can start to bog it down. I've had it happen, but as others have said, as well, I usually turn it off, and lock the doors, unlock then restart. Seems to work fine after that.
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