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  1. I fairly certain some have run across this before, but I haven't seen anything so here it goes and sorry if it a duplicate. I have an 08 sierra denali. about 4 years ago GM sent me a recall notice for the passenger side air bag. As of this date they claaim they do not have the parts and do not know when they will have them. Anybody have any luck getting their bag replaced?
  2. Yeah I am learning the hard way...nothing new for me! So I figure I'll try the load resistors. Do I need one of each bulb, front and back or just one for each side?
  3. I replaced my turn/brake and DRL lights with leds that supposedly are can bus complaint, still getting hyper flash. Told to change turn signal relay for led type. But since with model doesn't have a relay what to do?? Anybody been through this?
  4. Can anybody tell me where the heck the turn signal flasher is located on my 2008 sierra??? It's not in the fuse box.
  5. That worked...thanks a lot....any Idea what the other items in the diagnostics do???
  6. Have an 08 Denali, with nav. Put in a new battery and now my clock is gone. Tried the reset no go.....Any ideas??
  7. Thanks diyer2...now to figure out the the rest of the lights.
  8. I have an 08 Denali that I am thinking about converting to LED lighting. I have heard there some issues with compatibility with t he Canbus. I understand that some use loan resistors to fool the canbus, but can be a possible fire hazard, also some require connection that are not waterproof. Can any of you help me clearify any of this? My preference would be a simple plug/play setup..no mods
  9. My 08 Denali has just developed a crack in the dash from the left front corner of the passenger airbag door to the front of the dash. I have read where this is pretty prevalent on GMT900's. There seems to be a bulge under the dash at this point. Don't know if it could be the airbag. I have not been able to have the airbags replaced under recall since GM seems to not have any...whats with this? This dates back to 2016!! Anybody have this same problem? How did you correct it? Was the dealer any help?
  10. Well I have given up n upgrading my On star box. The one I purchased out of a 2009 Sierra Denali didn't work. I took the truck to the dealer to do a complete re flash and still no bluetooth. It seems that the voice command to pair with the bluetooth is not in the system. So now I have a perfectly good On-star box w/bluetooth for sale $75.00 OBO If anybody is interested contact me here
  11. So i found a vcim out of a 2009 Sierra. Installed it but still no bluetooth. It does not recognize the "bluetooth" or "pairing" command. I was able to reach the on-star tech..but no help. So I took it my local GMC dealer to have it flashed to recoqnize the VIN. Dealer was unable to flash it as it came back as unrecognizable. Anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong??
  12. Well I guess I need to find a 2009-2011
  13. Hi guys, I am a new member. I have a 2008 GMC Sierra Denali. that I am trying to swap out my old On-star box for a newer model with bluetooth. I purchased a 2014 sierra box on ebay. I plugged in no problem. However I cannot get a pairing. The voice command say it noes not recognize the command "bluetooth". So I tried initiating a call to On-star..but I get action for pressing the on=star button. I also noticed that the voice command works without the on-star box plugged in. Does the radio need to be flashed for this?? Any help would greatly appreciated.
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