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  1. I have read many threads and can’t seem to relate. My truck is an 18 5.3, Carven exhaust, jr mit kit. 48K miles.. the other day I started the truck up and the RPMs just bounced around. Fluctuating from low to high, even going over 1200 for a moment. I shut the truck off and restarted it and it idled fine.. now as I drive around I feel as if the truck is towing. There is significant lag, if I stomp on the gas I feel like I’m in my 2002 gold with 220K miles.. there are no lights on in the dash and it’s shifting perfectly fine.. I’m going to get some MAF cleaner in the morning and see if that’s the case but, hoping others have insights Incase that doesn’t fix the issue.
  2. Hey man, what running boards are those? I need new ones because my gm nerf bars looked like Dalmatians. I like how those look pretty tucked in.
  3. I went to a local off road shop, told him my desires.. I want a lift, that will offer better ride quality, but I am not going to beat not the truck so I don't need to spend over 2K... I came back a few days later and he put on Rough Country 3.5 with the N3 front struts and coils, N2 monotubes in the rear with blocks in the rear. 33X12.5 TOYO AT2 on methods. https://www.roughcountry.com/gm-suspension-lift-kit-121c.html?find=2018-chevy-silverado-1500-4wd-374175 I read into this lift, people say even with the knuckles being changed it still wears parts and has bad angles, but I have known this guy for 20 years and trust his judgement. Honestly, after a week or so, the truck rides great. way better than the Ranchos.
  4. Do you have an AAL or something for the additional weight? Maybe it’s just me but it looks like you have increased rake
  5. hmmm, I will get some pics and try to get a video up tonight of mine. I love the single exit matte black tip. when I want it can get pretty obnoxious. So when I heard the dude from American trucks say that the ATAK was louder I was almost in disbelief.
  6. Currently running the Carven competitor cat back. absolutely love it, but I am pretty sure I heard an ATAK today in town passing another Silverado.. it definitely turned my head. Anyone have any experience with the two or or have a preference? AmericanTrucks says the Borla ATAK is the only cutback that is louder than the Carven.
  7. I had this happen on my girls Camry.. when they installed a new one per service bulletin, it was truly like a new car.. drive so smooth.. maybe because we just ignored it and got used to it but. In my opinion.. it should work perfect with the new one. No “break in time”.. then again I’m no engineer, just a helicopter mechanic so what do I know.
  8. I spoke to 3 separate dealers including the one I bought it from which is this massive gm dealer in concord NH. All said the same thing, it’s not covered... I checked a service sheet for different procedures and for a replacement of an impact sensor it was as simple as disconnecting the battery. I will say this. Reconnecting it I was turtle necking.. i have kids and, unfortunately I think my best and safest and fastest option is to just bring it to the dealer..
  9. Method NV’s in bronze 18X9 -12/4.5 with toyo At 33X12.5
  10. When the starter dies on vacation...... 47K miles and the solenoid was so corroded that it spilt.
  11. So a few weeks ago I had a alert to service safety restraint system. Happens every time I turn the truck on, the seat belt light stays on. GM did a diagnostic check and found a short/open at the front left impact sensor. They said it would cost between $500 to $800 depending on the issue. I ordered the sensor myself at $150 and changed it out. Still have my light on, GM said most likely the wiring so it would be along the $800 range to replace the wiring. Anyone have any suggestions before I go that rout? It’s a 2018 with 47k. I checked the wiring in the immediate area and all looked good
  12. I just went through a small process of this. I simply removed the rear resonator. It did add some low tone to make it sound like a V8. but only from cold start and with revs to about 1500 RPM. So I went with a Carven TR muffler. They left the flapper installed, and I instantly got the flapper chatter and rattle. Anytime the engine was under load I could hear the flapper over the exults it was crazy. SO. long story short, and as most people have stated, if you want a nice sounding truck with zero issues. Get an aftermarket muffler, even ones that are not as loud, remove flapper, and get a Range AFM disabler. My truck sounds amazing ( a little loud for what I was looking for, but it has the deep low tone). the Range will simply bring your truck to life and get rid of the shifting issues related to V4 bouncing back and forth as well as keeping the drone away.
  13. Just found out that if I really give her some with it in neutral I can hear the sound. And it sounds like a loud fine high pitch rattle. So now I am thinking it’s the flapper.. damn it think I found the issue. Can this post be deleted? haha
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