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    2018 Silver Z71 CCSB 5.3 4X4
  1. I just went through a small process of this. I simply removed the rear resonator. It did add some low tone to make it sound like a V8. but only from cold start and with revs to about 1500 RPM. So I went with a Carven TR muffler. They left the flapper installed, and I instantly got the flapper chatter and rattle. Anytime the engine was under load I could hear the flapper over the exults it was crazy. SO. long story short, and as most people have stated, if you want a nice sounding truck with zero issues. Get an aftermarket muffler, even ones that are not as loud, remove flapper, and get a Range AFM disabler. My truck sounds amazing ( a little loud for what I was looking for, but it has the deep low tone). the Range will simply bring your truck to life and get rid of the shifting issues related to V4 bouncing back and forth as well as keeping the drone away.
  2. Just found out that if I really give her some with it in neutral I can hear the sound. And it sounds like a loud fine high pitch rattle. So now I am thinking it’s the flapper.. damn it think I found the issue. Can this post be deleted? haha
  3. I went ahead and removed the resonator after the muffler and it wasn’t enough of a V8 tone that I was after. Installed a Carven TR muffler,. Sounds amazing. They left the flapper installed though since I had ordered a Range AFM to disable V4. the issue I am having only happens when driving. If I get on the gas there is this strange high pitch noise. If I toss the truck in neutral and do it it’s pure engine and exhaust. Drop it back into drive and can hear that high pitch sound again. Only happens with hard acceleration. Never heard this noise before. Will try to get a video clip with the go pro soon.
  4. I am running lt 275/70r18 toyo AT2’s on OEM Z71 wheels, 2 inch level and 1 in the rear. They fit perfectly.
  5. I had them on my Tundra, I also had a bed cover. They looked great, never really used them for anything... More of just added protection when tossing crap into the bed because I am a heathen.. The only thing that was an issue is if you are in an area that gets snow, it makes it a pain to get the snow off of your bed cover, you have to stand behind the truck and pull the snow off with a snow broom.
  6. Thank you for the responses gents, I will be doing some more research. I drive a coughfordcough for work with the 5.0 and I hate to say it it sounds greast stock..
  7. Thank you, I have looked a little but I will some more. Most of what I see on these newer quieter stock exhausts is muffler deletes etc. I’m wondering if I just remove the designator after the muffler, but all I can find is people who do that AND the muffler..
  8. I have always had trucks, and always left the performance aspect of the trucks alone. I have an 18 Silverado 5.3 and I just feel that, this truck is just simply to quiet. I was wondering what muffler I could add just to get a little tone out of it. I do not want anything “loud”, just want to be able to actually hear the V8... Any input is greatly appreciated.
  9. So, to chime in on this, My truck was 2 months old and I had about $1000 worth of work from the dealer taking a part half the dash and cleaning up the damage after rodents ate my cabin air filter and made a nice nest. chewed up some stuff etc... I did what another poster said and put in some steel wool around the windshield cowl area. (my dad who has has a GMC said his dealer told him to do this).. I also took some screen mesh and cut it to the size of my cabin air filter. once I inserted the filter, I placed the mesh in on top of it. to keep any rodents from chewing up the filter. So far it has done well, we will see this winter since that's when the last time this happened. I think they want a warm place to go so they head up in there but I have no idea. I live in Maine, and the first time this happened was in January with snow and negative temperatures.
  10. I have an 18 Z71 and I have conplaining since day 1 in December. I drive a 17 F-150 police package for work, standard 5.0 and I have always been a little disgruntled that the Ford was simply quicker in all aspects of throttle response. If you know anything about Ford police packages, it’s just simple electrical work, lights and better parts to help the vehicle run for 24 hours a day.. I will be doing this ASAP.
  11. Pictures or it didn’t happen! Congratulations
  12. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Today on RT 1 in Hampton beach New Hampshire.
  13. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    2018 CCSB 5.3 4X4 Z71, mud flaps, running boards, RC 2/1, undercover ultra flex, window deflectors bla bla bla.
  14. Auto start options

    These trucks are designed to do certain things when below a certain temperature. Dealer told me it is what it is, not sure I liked that answer, for $50k I kind of want the truck to do what I tell it to do instead of whatever it wants but, oh well...

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