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  1. The counter guy at the parts department mention this harness had the extra wire built in needed to power the led lights since the 1500 did not have that option. So it made sense to swap harness. Once installed though they didn’t function and just left it alone. It sucks that I paid such a hi dollar amount on the Oem towing mirrors and don’t get to use all the functions.. I was really looking forward to trying the LEDs specially when backing into my trailer at night.
  2. I did this swap on my 2017 1500 Ltz z71 midnight edition about 4 months ago. I did not document the swap, I did buy 2 harness that were require which are the ones inside the door. Once I replaced the harness all my features remained.. turn signal, power fold, memory seat, defrost.. only fault was the orange marker light in the front of the mirror acted like my old puddle light. It only worked when I either unlock/locked and open doors then it will turn off just like the puddle lamp. I solve the problem by just taking that wire and bridged it to the illumination wire that’s connected to the window controls. This way when the automatic light sensor turns on the interior lights it will automatically turn on the outside orange marker light. The white led lights facing the rear of the truck I have not yet connected them. Hope this helps you guys since it made my install a lot easier.

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