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  1. Powder coating rims?

    I powder coated the wheels on my previous vehicle and they lasted 8 years until I sold it. Very durable but I agree not all brands are equal. Make sure you go with someone who uses a top end brand of powder coat. Prices range, for my old 18" wheels I paid I believe $120/wheel for sandblasting then powder coating. I used Prismatic Black Chrome.
  2. I guess since the old thread got started up again. Anyone have any current good leads on where to get color matched door handles and body moldings? Or want to swap for my Chrome ones? I need Crimson Red. Also would be willing to switch out my Chrome Mirror caps with someone for the black ones.
  3. How much is that going to run you? I filled out info on site for more info on the product and haven’t gotten a reply yet.
  4. Thanks man! It's actually a SLE, I was going back and forth and after seeing a SLE interior I actually preferred those seats to the leather SLTs
  5. So I made the jump and purchased a 2016 GMC 1500 All Terrain SLE So far really happy with the purchase and just looking forward to beginning to modify. To start is get rid of all the darn chrome, looks like I can order alot of the replacement parts for a 2017 and get them in body color. Also, looking at Tonneau covers (leaning towards Bakflip MX4 at the moment) then think I will jump into some performance modifications. Very different driving this than my previous car a heavily modified 2010 Mazda Speed 3 I look forward into getting more involved in the forums!
  6. Or anyone... How hard is the Bakflip to install? Is it easy to remove totally as 1 person, and then put back on? Where is best place to order? Everywhere seems to be $930 but I see people saying they got it for the 700 range.
  7. I've been looking for 2-3 months as well through same websites, I even open the search to 200 or 500 miles and still have minimal luck. 2017 SLT for 33,700 is a steal from what I've been seeing! Most of the 16 or 17 SLTs are in the 37-40K range. TOP of my budget is 37K, currently there is a SLT AT in OH I have an eye just don't know if I want to make the trip. I am actually going to look at a 16 SLE AT with 25K miles on Monday up around Albany NY that is listed at 33K. My big hesitation is the seats and making sure I do not mind the half leather half cloth on them.
  8. What did it cost to upgrade seats to leather by dealer?
  9. For me I think the SLE touches all basis of my need/want category the only question mark I have is the seats. I had planned to go full leather but looking at the SLE seats I don't mind them I'm wondering if it's worth it. Need/Wants Heated Seats Power Seats Apple Car Play Front bucket Seats Body Colored Bumpers.
  10. Hey Guys, new to the forums here but been lurking for a while since I knew I was going to be making the switch to a truck shortly. The time has come, sold other vehicle privately and now need to purchase a truck. I have settled on a 2016 or 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 All Terrain but just wanted some additional input from everyone here on the SLE vs SLT. I have read the thread on the difference on the '14s but wanted to see if there is anything additional I should know for the 16s and 17s? It appears that looking used I can get a SLE for about 5K less than an SLT so I am on the fence if I should really be pushing for a SLT or go with SLE. There is an SLE in my price range available right now not far from me but wanted to get some opinions of everyone here. I know the SLT would give me full leather, front park assist and most I have seen have the upgraded 20" wheels. Are there any real major differences between the 2? Is there anything that if I went with the SLE I would really be disappointed I wouldn't have? What is everyones opinion on the seats in the SLE, I read in the other thread there were some concerns on how they were holding up? Any/all help is appreciated thank you!

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