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  1. I had my bosses friend that use to be a mechanic and he said it’s the starter. Said that if water and dirt get into the starter it wears them out.
  2. It cranks for maybe 3-5 seconds and I shall try that thank you and no the security light isn’t in anymore that went away when I changed the battery. When it cranks though it will sound really weak
  3. I had this noise when I pulled into my drive way or backed up. I replaced the control arms as the ballpoints can’t be changed and the noise went away
  4. I have the lomax tonneau cover and it’s amazing sits basically flush with bed rails and is water proof
  5. I have a 2014 Sierra. It’s having trouble starting. It started with the truck randomly losing power after I shut it off and having a hard time starting. I took my battery and got it tested it was bad. So I bought a new one. Now the power loss issue is gone but it still has a hard time starting but starts every time. I’m not sure if maybe my starter is going or if I need to replace the fuel filter.sometimes the truck will start right up and seem fine but more times it has a hard time starting. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. Lomax review I recived the cover in about a week. Which is good time considering it had to go through customs to get to canada. First impression was that the box seemed light for a metal cover. The cover was well packed and secured inside the box. Installing the cover was straight forward and easy. It took about 15 mins to install. The cover locks on the rails good and has two safety straps just in case. The cover is easy to unlock and fold as it is lightweight and durable. The top of the cover is smooth so it could be wrapped to any colour you would like. The cover sits about as flush to the bed rails as possible. It has a very sleek and clean look which makes the cover stand out. The cover has been on my truck for about 3 days now and we have had a ton of rain. The cover has kept all the rain out of the bed of my truck. It keeps anything in the bed locked away and give you piece of mind it won’t be stolen. This cover still gives you full access to the bed of your truck. If you need to load bigger items such as an Atv. The cover removes very easy by one person. This cover gives the truck a very sleek design like no other cover I’ve ever seen. It is the perfect combination between being durable and lightweight. It is durable enough that you can set things onto the cover with no worry at all. I was always watching things like drinks when I set them on my old cover because it was a soft fold and really could only set things on the support bars. Now with the lomax cover it’s pretty well like a table on the back of the truck. It is super easy to fold. The cover locks can be pulled with one hand and they unlock on each side at the same time. Saves from having to go to each side and unlocking separately. I would highly recommend this cover to everyone. It is the perfect cover. The lomax cover gets a 10/10. I want to thank the people at agri-covers for giving me this opportunity to review the lomax cover. They knocked it out of the ball park with this cover. Go over and check out their site and get a cover of your own. You won’t regret it at all. Last picture is of my truck with the old cover.
  7. Agri-Cover LOMAX Tri-Fold Bed Cover Giveaway

    Which cover are you entering to win? I’m entering for the 14/on Chevy/gmc full size 1500 6’6” box Tell us why the LOMAX cover is perfect for your truck? This cover would be perfect because it would protect my tools from weather. Also from theifs as I have had a lot of tools taken from my truck. The sleek design would give the truck the perfect look. What features are most important to you when buying a tonneau cover, why? Durability is a big part for me in buying a cover as it is something I open and close on the daily. Another factor would be how secure it keeps the bed of my truck as I store everything in there from tools to truck parts. Also a cover should look good on a truck Do you have a tonneau cover on your truck? If so, which cover is it? Why are you looking for a change? I have a trifecta tri-fold soft cover. It does the job some what. Water still finds it’s way into the box and it can be lifted up at the back enough to be able to reach in and get stuff out. I need a cover that is more secure and durable. What do you use your truck for? I use my truck for work and fun. From off-road to mall crawling. I also use my truck to store my tools and other stuff of value

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