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  1. I bought the dsx sensor from brian tooley racing. Pretty sure you can get straight from DSX website. Harness is already there and sensor attaches on driver side fuel line in back by firewall above valve cover with one wire needing to go to I believe pin 38. Just need a tuner to turn on sensor in ECM. E85 Tables are already there and just needs tune.
  2. I had my 6.2 Sierra retuned with E85 and ARH 1 7/8 long tube with high flow cats and a 3.5 Vibrant resonator. Sensor picked up E63% since I had 93 in tank already. Made 430 rwhp and 470rwtq on a mustang dyno.
  3. I added a 3.5" vibrant resonator right between the y-pipe and mid pipe today. It really made a difference! This is what I was looking for, close to the Borla ATAK before headers and it is still aggressive and loud when you lay into it. I placed the resonator as far up close to motor as I could to stop the sound early and it definitely make the cab really quiet when cruising and passing half throttle it has a nice rumble and slightly aggressive. When you floor it, it wakes the beast and surprises vehicles around you. Definitely recommend this route for people wanting LT header w/ high flow cats for hp gains while keeping rasp down to a minimum.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I will definitely look into Jones XL if I don't like the way the resonator sounds.
  5. I had a custom tune done as well by Pat G and took off V4. Just installed ARH Headers with high flow cats and E85 sensor from dsx tuning this past weekend. Ordered a Vibrant resonator because my ATAK is too raspy for my taste and will update soon on sound.
  6. Yeah I never said anything about expecting to achieving a quiet exhaust. I bought the ATAK for it's sound and aggressiveness. I knew and expected it to be loud but I am also trying to have it sound clean through all gears since it's a daily driver. Sounds good wot but man passing 1/3 throttle sounds poppy and raspy. Kinda like a raspy import but with 8 cylinders. There are ways to achieve a clean sound. I had borla, kooks with off road pipe on my 2000 camaro and it sounded good. That was a 5.7 ls1 and I am new to 6.2's . Whole reason I chimed in on forums for peoples experiences and methods of how they controlled the rasp. Not trying to have my 50k + daily driver sound crappy until I WOT.
  7. Did you throttle engine and hold at 2000rpm's while applying entire contents of can before the 10 minute heat soak phase?
  8. Yeah after putting headers on with high flow cats my truck is really loud. Still have mixed feeling if I like it. My worries where cab drone but I have none when cruising. Cold start is really obnoxiously loud and I live in a suburb neighborhood and inside the house it doesn't seem too much more than before but outside sheesh...... Neighbor said it doesn't wake him up so no worries there. Truck is really really raspy when half throttle for passing gear it sounds raspy and like crap. W.O.T. it sounds really good like nascar and screams but I feel like for a truck it doesn't match my speed. If in a camaro or corvette all good. But in a truck LAUNCHED IN 4HI, FULL THROTTLE, CANDLES LIT! and still 25mph under the speed limit lol. I ordered a vibrant resonator to put just behind the Y-pipe and see if that helps tone it down. Hopefully I can get it near what it sounded like before the headers with just the ATAK. If not I may just sell exhaust and get the Borla Touring. Any suggestions from experience would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I have the borla atak with afe power cai. No drone at all and don't notice v4 mode. Borla did a really nice job acoustically keeping drone outside of cabin. Cruising 60, 70, 80mph you barley notice exhaust. Radio on about 20% with a/c you can't even hear it. Passing gear sounds aggressive and I love it. W.O.T. the sound is a beast. If planning on headers later I would prolly think of the touring or S-type. I gained about 25rwhp on dyno before tune on my 2018 Sierra 6.2.
  10. Yeah I love the ATAK on stock manifolds but I am wanting more out of my truck. With LT headers I know it will change the tone so trying to figure how bad does the ATAK's tone change. I don't mind it louder I just want it to be throaty and clean. Trying to see who has achieved this with out all the rasp. Not wanting to switch exhaust either for the amount I paid.
  11. That's pretty good torque gain. I had 385rwhp and 425rwhp on same setup. I have 275/55r20 tires and 3:23 gears with my 8speed. What tires and gears do you have?
  12. If you get headers I would go stainless and have the header ceramic coated to reduce engine bay temps. Your gonna need a tune as well. Jet Hot Coatings did a great job on mine. Even did the inside of headers.
  13. I have listened to a ton of youbtube videos with different quality headsets. Just hard to tell depending on what the person used to record and headset I use. The ATAK is really nice there is no drone and quiet when cruising. Warranty wise I couldn't wait best years of my truck are in the first 50k miles lol. I have Borla exhaust, AFE Cai, and Pat G tune and made 385rwhp with 425rwtq. This saturday I will have my headers and E85 conversion kit installed. I have taken truck to get transmission serviced for shuttering and had no complaints about it being tuned with intake nor have I ever read someone being denied. Now if you blow a motor with nitrous, turbo or blower lol yeah I am pretty sure that kills drivetrain warranty. I posted about rasp because I rather have it all done at one time while in shop rather going back and forth since my daily driver.
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