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  1. Had a 2014 Silverado that developed multiples leaks. Obvious ones like the shark fin and third brake light. I bought a new fin because I think I read somewhere that they improved it. Siliconed the gasket to it then ran a bead around it. Took the brake light off and cleaned it, put it back on and siliconed around it. Still had leaks in the back. I found three more leaks. The power rear window has holes in the channel. They were clogged and water could get in there by just filling the channel. Cleaned those out and believe that they sell a seal kit for the channel. Like some end caps. The big ones were the vents behind the rear seat. Between the cab and bed. Water would somehow fill them up and cause it to run in the cab. I tried replacing them but that didn’t work. Wound up siliconing the top and sides creating a ramp of sorts. You can squeeze your hand back there to do it. Also did the inside of the truck.
  2. Thanks Joe for the parts list. So, I was talking to a Yukon rep about my intentions and they discouraged me using the ring spacer. I have a speedboat we use during the summer and living in the Pacific Northwest with the hills and mountains, he was pushing for a new carrier. Says that with the tires I have that I would be at the limit he would feel comfortable with the spacer. Maybe he was trying to sell me something but I’v learned that it’s usually better to pay more the first time then have to do it twice.
  3. Looked at them, they don’t have the factory differentials. Those are what I am looking for.
  4. I think that you have to get G80 carriers through GM. The ones on AAM website are open carriers. The other differential websites only have trutrac or Yukon. I may have missed something, that’s why I am asking.
  5. Ok, so the G80 a is a limited slip carriers,right? I need the 3.42 carrier to put the 4.10 gears in, correct? So, that would be # 23126912 on your list. On gmpartsdirect, that number is replaced by #23404628. But that says both 3.08 and 3.42.
  6. Differential case numbers. Going to get ring and pinion gears from AAM.
  7. I have a 2014 DC 5.3 that I would like to change the gears in. I would like to swap the 3.08 gears to 4.10 and keep the G80 I have. Presently, I have a set of 295/65/20 with a small lift kit but would like to install a CST 4.5 lift to get the angles better. Now that I am out of warranty it is a good time to get back some power. I have tried asking at two dealerships but they can’t help and I looked on gmpartsdirect.com but wasn’t 100% sure which one it is. I know someone will tell me that the G80 is junk but I want to just swap in factory parts. I need both front and back part numbers please. Thanks
  8. That is correct. Had mine done last week. 2014 LT dc 5.3
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