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  1. Magic eraser is too abrasive. I wouldn’t use it on paint.
  2. Anyone ever have issues connecting? Some times I have to unplug and then replug in the phone to get Car Play to work. It always seems to work, but sometimes there is a delay and sometimes it takes two attempts. Could any specific apps really running on the phone cause that? Anyone else having similar experiences?
  3. I ran out of time, but I started to grease the front end fittings on my 2017 2500 and may pick up a 90 fitting for the grease gun. This was my second time greasing the fittings and its kind of a PITA ;( I think a 90 may help for some of the tight spaces. Jacking up the front end may also make it easier. I had the truck on ramps and that didn't help much.
  4. And GM remained the largest until over taken by Toyota only a few years ago.
  5. How many “shots” with a grease gun do you folks usually use on the front end fittings? Is it possible to over grease anything?
  6. The dealer told you what you wanted to hear. Typical salesman, tell you anything to make the deal.
  7. I have looked up the car fax on cars I have returned off lease and the information was useless. I had one car that had the engine replaced, car fax listed it as an electrical issue. Not even close. Would OnStar have a record?
  8. It looks like you took great care of the 2004. I'm sure that new beauty is going to last you a long time. Congrats!!!!
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