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  1. Interested in this as well... Also, I was thinking about mounting some lights on the side where it says Sierra, maybe an 18" long light bar with red covers. Tap into my puddle lights (which come on with my interior lights thanks to the diode jump) so it lights up when I unlock and lock my truck.
  2. I should clarify, I have the GM catback as well and am also looking to trade for the sport. I have the 5.3L double cab, but I don't think that matters for just swapping the mufflers. I'm assuming touring and sport mufflers are the same size... Located in NY.
  3. Is the cat-back exhaust on the All Terrain X models the Corsa touring? I might be interested in a trade if that is the case, could use a little more sound.
  4. Deals on 2018's?

    To give an idea, late in June I bought a 2018 Sierra Double Cab SLT All Terrain X with a 5.3. MSRP was $54k, I paid $41.5k. At that time, there were incentives from GM and the dealer on those models (double cab SLTs), but those have since ended. And that price was advertised online. Looking right now, there aren't nearly as good of deals advertised, but that doesn't mean they won't go lower. I'd wait and see how the new incentives shake out for August.
  5. Foglights On With High Beams

    Looking for some help, tried searching this thread but search doesn't do well with short search terms (like DRL). I have a 2018 Sierra with LED headlights, if that matters. I want to have my fogs on all the time, so when DRLs are on, when parking lights are on, and when both low and high beams are on. I did the BRN10-BRN22 diode, so I have everything but when DRLs are on. I was looking at the pinout and it looks like I can go to pin 23 (out of park)? I assume that would turn the fogs on when the vehicle is on and out of park? Does that work, is there a better option? I was also thinking pin 7 (right front DRL control), but would that turn the fog lights off when I turn my right turn signal on?
  6. 2014+ Gas Mileage (MPG) Topic

    Anyone with an All Terrain X (or equivalent Silverado) with the Duratrac tires want to share their fuel mileage? With my first 300 miles I got 16MPG average, some stop and go driving but also a lot of highway (~74 MPH). Mine is a double cab with the 5.3 and 6spd. I'm fairly light-footed, wondering how much the knobbier tires are affecting gas mileage...

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