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    2014 GMC Sierra CC 6.2
  1. I've racked my brain on this. Truth of the matter, the new sierra is ugly as sin. Actually, the 2018 Silverado is a sharp looking truck. Just got a good deal on a 6.2 LTZ, I'm taking it. I'm not sure whom the designer engineer is at GMC, but they should be fired!
  2. New Florida member

    Possum, you have a beautiful truck, it will serve you well. I own its sister, 70K and not a hint of issues. Enjoy!
  3. Rear air vents!

    I remember when I filled out the GMC new vehicle survey on my 2014 Sierra CC, the only 2 areas I marked unsatisfactory were the lack of rear air vents and the dim headlights. Only took GMC 5 years to finally install rear air vents. Them engineering boys can be slow!
  4. To the op, I too was leery when I purchased my 2014 crewcab with 6.2 and 3.73 max tow package. The then new DI engine with AFM was an unknown deal and I had intended to have it disabled if it gave me any problems. It never did. Truck now has 60K and it still runs and operates as smoothly with the AFM active as the day the truck so new. And that includes pulling a 7K trailer on occasion. The switching between 4-8 cylinders is seamless and has never drew attention. Engine runs strong as ever, doesn't use oil, and gives me an actual 17 MPG average. Now, maybe I'm one of the lucky ones, but I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one.
  5. Order guide for Sierra available 6/23/18

    AT4 with 6.2 only available in double cab?! Am I reading that right? Guess I'll be passing on the AT4 and be getting a SLT crew cab instead. Must have a 6.2 under the hood.

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