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    2016 GMC Sierea 2500HD 6.0
  1. Interesting, never heard this before. Regardless, I would never buy one of these newly redisgned models......
  2. Silverado HD revealed

    So is the 6.0 motor dead, or will it still be an option? Im keeping my 2016 6.0 for sure. 😎
  3. I wonder if all these problems were related to cold weather? I wouldnt consider any of this major. The 2004 could have all the same problems...
  4. Running dependable for years now....
  5. Interested to see how this all works out with the trucks programming. Also you should start a new thread about this I think it would get lots of attention.
  6. T1 6.2 letdown?

    Laughing at the boys that bought trucks to drive them like cars....whatever I guess.
  7. A bit early to say... I think GM will still offer the 6.0 option... If not then I am sure glad I will own one of the last....
  8. 6.6L GAS for 2010HD?

    Not going to happen. People get too focused on hp stats and ignore functionality and durability.
  9. Thats nice. Your Ford is butt ugly in my opinion. 💩
  10. Winter Tire Setups

    I would like to try the ko2 just to see the difference. I had poor wear life with the originals.
  11. 6.0 Oil

    Read the owners manual... Or even the oil cap.
  12. That is an awful commercial. A more honest version: "We have so many options, most you cant afford!" "Want a 6.2? Too bad were saving it from most of our 8 options... Too bad you work truck loser." "Want to learn about our other engine options. Too bad, its a secret. Oh but dont worry they wont be available in the option you want." "Want to see the interior? No you cant its amazingly new and not cheap just believe"
  13. Winter Tire Setups

    Ive had Duratracs and BFG All terrains in the past on my half ton and both were good in deep snow, but awful on icy roads and intersections. This is why I want to try a dedicated winter tire. I have read lots of positive things about the Nokian Hakka however you spell it.... They would be my winter choice.

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