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    2018 Silverado DC Z71, 5.3L, 3.42 rear end
  1. Crew cab vs double cab

    My last pick-up was a 1994 Ford Ranger extend cab so my 18, Z71 double cab is like a dance hall. I chose the double cab because I needed something to tow a TT, I wanted the standard box and the shorter wheel base. The kids are gone and just the dog rides in the back.
  2. Features I never touch

    I have never used: Hill decent control or Remote Vehicle Start.
  3. I have a 2018 Silverado double cab Z71 with less than 600 miles and had noticed the same symptoms as others. Then I found the "paint stick" fix. It's very sad, for all the money we pay for these trucks and we still have to follow behind with bailing wire, duct tape, wood shims and bubble gum to make them run as they should. I have to wonder, does anyone at GM read these forums to see what we think and what is really going on with their product?
  4. Thank you Phil. It appears the mirrors I had on back order have shipped and they are plug and play for my set-up. I was a week or two too late finding you. Thank you for all your work and enjoy your vacation.
  5. Temperature Sensor

    Thanks for all your help. I've crossed the back-up sensors off the wish list.
  6. Temperature Sensor

    Thanks for the info. Are these GM numbers? I was looking at these https://www.etrailer.com/Custom-Towing-Mirrors/Chevrolet/Silverado+1500/2018/KS62135-36G.html?vehicleid=20184030636 and was going to get the harnesses from pgamboa
  7. Temperature Sensor

    Last four of Vin; 9746 Thank you
  8. I have a 2018 Silverado LT Z71 All Star Edition, 5.3L and 3.42 rear end. Where would the temperature sensor be located? I want to replace the stock mirrors with towing mirrors and I noticed the mirrors that fit my truck all state "these mirrors do not have temperature sensors". Not fond of losing my temp readout, but I do need towing mirrors. I'm also looking for back-up sensors without a camera. Thank you.
  9. Old New Guy

    It's quiet most of the time, too many people and they keep building. I think because there is only one way on and off (the bridge) and a citizens patrol, crime is low, but not nonexistent so I still lock my doors and windows at night.
  10. Old New Guy

    AgDoctor, Thanks, I'll check it out. I have K-Source number KS62147-48G on back order, they are heated, electric. It seems to me that turn signals on mirrors should be a important safety feature regardless of trim level.
  11. Old New Guy

    Good morning, Thank you. In my bio I put Gig Harbor as most people might know where that is, but I actually live on Fox Island.
  12. How many people are from Washington?

    Fox Island

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