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  1. I wonder? Does it not bother anyone that the path of worn grass goes to a fenced part of the porch and stops, yet at the opening on the porch there is no path? Seems a bit odd to me. Also look at the shadows cast on the far right side of the house, they don't seem to match the angle of the light. Just my thoughts.
  2. My wife handed me the mailing from GM/Chevrolet about getting the up date for the Nav. So I thought I would see what was being said on this forum. A lot of good food for thought, thanks everyone. After reading this thread, I dusted off the old Garmin I purchased new from Costco in March of 2013, hooked it up to the computer and installed the updates. It took an hour or two, but now it's up to date and works as advertised. Why would I spend a penny short of $100.00 for a one year old update from GM? Oh, wait, and that's the sale price? Somewhat shameful I would say. Maybe in a couple of years I might spring for the update, maybe.
  3. I tow a 21ft/ 24ft overall https://forestriverinc.com/rvs/travel-trailers/flagstaff-micro-lite/21DS/893#Main I started off with a 2017 Colorado CC V6 4x4 with 8 speed. 2 months after purchase the wife talked me into the travel trailer. We made 2 trips with it and it did the job, but was like the "tail wagging the dog", just not enough truck. I now have a 2018 Silverado DC Z71 5.3L 6 speed and have no problems.
  4. I like the snow photos, they remind me of "winter", something I guess we are not going to get this year. In most of Western Washington State we have had very little frost and no snow, we are basking in very wet upper 30's and lower 50's, perfect conditions for moss and mildew. So keep the snow pics coming so I can live vicariously through those blessed with winter.
  5. This is a good idea. This would have been my first move.
  6. There are some things that just can't be fixed: Stupid for one, that grill for another.
  7. Get the A-Frame, looks better and stronger. Mine is 20x30x12ft high, about $3400 installed not counting sight prep. http://www.coveryourtoys.com/
  8. I have not thought of Cosmoline in years. The US Navy loves the stuff. Cosmoline is the genericized trademark for a generic class of rust preventives, typically conforming to United States Military Standard MIL-C-11796C Class 3, that are a brown colored wax-like mass; have a slight fluorescence; and have a petroleum-like odor and taste (as detected when working with it).
  9. I'm following this thread, very interested in the outcome. It also gives me some solace that I have a detached garage.
  10. I'm using a E2 Round bar hitch with a 10,000 weight rating. I have never measured the height of the ball to the ground with the trailer connected. The ball is mounted one up from the bottom.
  11. Finally, time to go camping, four nights at the ocean. Ready to head out. A warm Fall evening with the sound of the ocean in the distance. Stopping for lunch on the way home.
  12. My truck is a 2018, Z71, DC stock and I have about 300lbs of stuff in the bed and 880 miles on the meter. This past Saturday I put a set of Bilstein 4600 on the rear and while the difference is not earth shattering, it is noticeable. The new shocks absorb most of the small road "blemishes" for lack of a better term, while I can still feel them in the front. What I'm most pleased with is the lack of bouncing when going over larger bumps, such as road to bridge transitions and pulling into my driveway. Can't wait to get the fronts done. The real test will come when we take the TT trailer to the coast.
  13. It was all about the truck this past weekend. I put Bilstein 4600 shocks on the back, I'll have the fronts done after the first of the year, and I washed and waxed it. There sure is a lot more real-estate on the Silverado than my wife's Passat.
  14. I have been told, (hear say at this point, not fact) that GM is only using one coat of clear coat.
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