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  1. I'm following this thread, very interested in the outcome. It also gives me some solace that I have a detached garage.
  2. I'm using a E2 Round bar hitch with a 10,000 weight rating. I have never measured the height of the ball to the ground with the trailer connected. The ball is mounted one up from the bottom.
  3. Finally, time to go camping, four nights at the ocean. Ready to head out. A warm Fall evening with the sound of the ocean in the distance. Stopping for lunch on the way home.
  4. It brings back memories, but that's about it.
  5. My truck is a 2018, Z71, DC stock and I have about 300lbs of stuff in the bed and 880 miles on the meter. This past Saturday I put a set of Bilstein 4600 on the rear and while the difference is not earth shattering, it is noticeable. The new shocks absorb most of the small road "blemishes" for lack of a better term, while I can still feel them in the front. What I'm most pleased with is the lack of bouncing when going over larger bumps, such as road to bridge transitions and pulling into my driveway. Can't wait to get the fronts done. The real test will come when we take the TT trailer to the coast.
  6. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    It was all about the truck this past weekend. I put Bilstein 4600 shocks on the back, I'll have the fronts done after the first of the year, and I washed and waxed it. There sure is a lot more real-estate on the Silverado than my wife's Passat.
  7. I have been told, (hear say at this point, not fact) that GM is only using one coat of clear coat.
  8. Part number for bilstein

    I looked at the Bilsteins (rear only) on Amazon and just didn't have a good feeling. Paid a little more and bought them from the Tire Rack.
  9. If I was using my truck as a daily drive or to run errands the Rancho's would be fine for now, but as I plan to use it mostly to tow, I decided to order a set of Bilstein 4600's for the rear and deal with the other end after the first of the year. The wife can't quite figure out why I have to get new shocks for a brand new pick-up. And while I agree with her, I did do my best to explain why. I haven't told her about the fronts.
  10. I bought my 18 Z71 (5.3L, 3.42 rear end) for the purpose of towing a 21ft TT. Loaded trailer about 5200lbs and hitch weight of about 600lbs plus 200lbs to 300lbs of junk in the bed of the truck. The truck has just over 800 miles and I have made a few close to home trips with the trailer. What I have noticed is how much the rear end bounces when going over bumps i.e. road to bridge joints/transitions. Somewhat unnerving at times. I'm just wondering if another brand of shocks might reduce some of that bouncing motion. I have thought about bags, but shocks might be the place to start. I'm 70 and retired so this is not a daily drive and no mods. The Ranchos are "OK", but they do seem to let you know every bump and as mentioned in another post, make you feel like a bobble head.
  11. I'm learning a lot here. I have noticed know one has mentioned shocks and towing, is that a different conversation?
  12. I don't like standing on my head. This is better.
  13. Is the wood wet or dry? What kind of wood? Soft woods, fir, hemlock, pine, tend to be lighter than most hardwoods. I got around this problem by purchasing a utility trailer with a 2400lbs capacity.
  14. They can redesign the peddle all they want, but it's futile if they keep mounting it to a flimsy piece of plastic. Isn't that one of the signs of insanity, doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results each time? :)
  15. For what it's worth, < $0.01 I'm sure, several days ago I received a online survey from GM about my new truck. Without going into great detail, I explained to them the "paint stick fix" and that I thought the accelerator mounting was a disgrace. $40K for a new pick-up and I/we have follow behind with a saw, a shingle/paint stick and glue to make it run proper. I'm sure they are shaking with fear

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