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  1. Still no fix on the vibration. When it is cold outside the vibration is not really noticeable.
  2. I feel it mostly in the seat. Just a little in the steering wheel. I've ruled out the driveshafts and u-joints. I serviced the rear differential and the transfer case last night. I haven't driven it so I don't know if it helped. I don't expect it to. Drums and rotors have been turned. New pads and shoes. New shocks. I tried another set of tires and it still vibrated. All the bearing feel tight I've checked the axle the best i could with a straight edge. I've been seeing this frame beaming??? When I lift the truck on my lift it seems to greatly reduce the vibration when I sit it back down. Especially if it stays on the lift for a few hours.
  3. I have replaced the shocks and the vibration is still there. I can't see a bent axle. Anyone have any more ideas? Interesting: If I drive it after it has been on my lift (two post lift so the suspension is flexed out) a while, it doesn't vibrate much at all for the first few miles. It stayed on the lift overnight and I drove it the next morning and I thought the vibration was gone. I'm not sure what that could mean.
  4. I removed both driveshafts (one at a time) and the vibration was still there. After a discussion with a long time now retired mechanic, he pointed out that the only two things that changed were the new tires and raising the torsion bars. I had already ruled out the tires by putting another set on the truck off a friends truck. He suggested lowering the torsion bars back to where they were just to try it. I thought he was crazy. I did lower them back down about half of what I raised them and *&#@ if the vibration wasn't greatly reduced. it probably reduced it by 2/3. He thinks that the front axle CV's were worn at the lower ride height for 75k miles and now I have changed the angle on them and that could cause the vibration. It also rides a ton better just lowering them 5 rounds. My shocks are worn out. I wonder how much of this can be related to the shocks?
  5. 2005 Reg Cab 4x4 I have a vibration that is driving me crazy. it vibrates a little at 25 mph then smooths out. At 60 to 65ish it vibrates pretty bad. Not long after I got the truck I cranked the torsion bars up (I left about 1/4" threads) and bought wheels and new GY Duratracs. Shortly there after, I started noticing a vibration. I've had the tiers balanced 3 times and was still convinced it was the tires. last night I had a friend come over and I tried his tires. The vibration is still there. I have: turned the rotors and put on new pads turned the drums and new shoes pulled the rear driveshaft and checked the u-joints. They were smooth and still had grease in the caps. the front wheel bearings feel nice and tight. The truck only has 80k miles. I plan to pull the front driveshaft tonight and see if its a problem. Anyone else had a similar issue?
  6. My pump has apparently quit. Is this a common problem? Is it just the pump going bad or is there other issues? I think the pumps are about $20 so it's an easy fix if that is the case. I won't have time to pull it off until this weekend. Thanks
  7. What shocks are good for factory replacements? I'm wanting a bang for the buck shock. I don't really want to spend $100 each. Years ago I had some Monroe Reflex shocks that were good as long as I owned the truck but they seem to be high. I have a 2005 Regular cab Z71
  8. I used a heat gun (or maybe a small torch) and heated the bottom of my funnel and bent about a 30 degree bend in it. It works perfectly. It's a pretty good size funnel.
  9. Thanks everyone . Someone ran me a carfax.. [email protected] Is this legit? Do you just ask for a decode?
  10. Does anyone have the ability to run build sheets and or history reports such as carfax? Thanks in advance. I just picked up an 05 GMC z71 that I would love to know more about.
  11. Will 285/70R17 tires fit with the torsion bars cranked up on these wheels? or will they scrub bad?
  12. My father in law passed away and I ended up with his Regular Cab Sierra SLE Z71 5.3 auto with 76k. It has the steel chrome wheels and 265/70r17 tires. I want to upgrade to the later model 17" alum wheels. Will a 285/70r17 fit if I crank the torsion bars up? Is it better to go ahead and get keys or can I get it high enough adjusting the TB's? Any tips or tricks that I need to know? Dash all seems to be in good shape. The engine is very quite.
  13. I have about 5000 on my Duratracs and they shake pretty good right at 80. I'm planning on taking them back to the installer. They have a lifetime balance/rotation policy. I did notice that when they balanced my tires, there are no weights on the outside of the wheels. They used the knock on weights on the inside but didn't put any on the outside. Apparently, they don't use the stick on weights.
  14. https://www.howardbentleyauto.com/VehicleSearchResults?make=GMC&model=Sierra 1500&bodyType=TRUCK&year=2018 Premium Package Plus is $40,931 at Howard Bentley in Alabama
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