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  1. That's where I bought mine. They basically told me they don't make any money off of the truck (LOL) but they get huge payouts at the end of the year for meeting sales numbers. No car dealer ever makes money off a car sell. Right?
  2. I assume you're talking about caster angles? Does anyone have the factory specs handy? Mine were -.29 left and -.32 on the right. Mine doesn't drive like I want it to. Sometimes it seems to not return to neutral. Sometimes it will drift right and sometimes left.
  3. 57045 WIX 0w-20 Valvoline synthetic. I change mine when the oil life % gets to about 20%. That normally puts me around 6000 miles.
  4. I had my Bilsteins installed at the local alignment shop. I had them installed on the highest position. It drove like crap when I got it back. I was planning to take it back to him but I had my Goodyears ordered and they were coming in a week so I waited and had Goodyear Tire place check the alignment. Sure enough it was out of spec. I assume he never aligned it after the install. I went ahead and had them align it. To my question: After the aligned it the truck drives much better. However, it doesn't drive as good as it did when it was still factory. Is this just the way it is going to be? I feel like I am always having to hold pressure on the steering wheel. It's like it doesn't have a neutral place in the steering. Sometimes it feels like it is pulling and sometimes not. I have included my alignment print out.
  5. What tuner and which tune gave you 3 mpg?
  6. Tires

    They are basically 1" taller
  7. Tires

    The trucks come with P tires (SL rated) from the factory. Unless you tow a lot or offroad, the LT will just be overkill. The LT is a heavier duty tire. Like mentioned above, they also are heavier, (maybe) ride rougher, and use more gas. I'm also in the market for tires although, I have been looking at 275/60R20. The BFG's are LT and the others I've looked at are P. I'm looking at: Goodyear Duratracs $230 ea BFG KO2 $235 Ea Falken Wildpeaks $175 ea Nitto Ridge Grappler $207 ea
  8. Trump's tariffs must have kicked in because they are now $177 each at DTD
  9. Discount Tire Direct has the Falkens for $146.35. That's hard to pass up.
  10. Google search shows Wal-mart has the Falkens for $165 each, Will the 275/60r20 fit without a leveling kit? if so, I can do tires then level. if not, I will do level then tires. I'm thinking Bilstein leveling shocks? Good? Bad? Ugly?
  11. I've started the search for new tires. I believe I have 5k miles left in mine. I currently have the stock GY. I average about 20k to 22k a year so I'd like to buy a tire that would not kill the MPG too bad. I would like a little more of an aggressive look than the street tires that come on these trucks. I am currently looking at the following in 275/60R20: 1. BFG KO2. ($235 ea. LT)Good: These look great and would probably last a good while. Bad: expensive, they don't have a rim guard which I think would help on a 20" rim 2. GY Duratracs. ($230 ea. LT) Good: Nice looking tire, have the rim guard and I live 25 miles from a Goodyear plant (support the local company). Bad: Expensive 3. Falken Wildpeak AT/3.($175 ea. P) Good: less expensive, have rim guard, Bad: not as aggressive, lesser known brand I don't do any off-roading but I do like a good looking tire (AT). Snow traction isn't a concern (North Alabama) I don't do any real towing. Things that matter: 1. Wet traction 2. Noise 3. Loss of MPG 4. Tread life Advice? Experiences? Thoughts? Thanks.
  12. Instructions on the Rough Country kit 3. On models with electric power steering, remove the 6 bolts holding the factory skid plate using a 15mm socket. Unplug the three connectors going to the electric power steering. See Photo 1.
  13. Is taking the battery cable off an option?

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