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  1. My pump has apparently quit. Is this a common problem? Is it just the pump going bad or is there other issues? I think the pumps are about $20 so it's an easy fix if that is the case. I won't have time to pull it off until this weekend. Thanks
  2. What shocks are good for factory replacements? I'm wanting a bang for the buck shock. I don't really want to spend $100 each. Years ago I had some Monroe Reflex shocks that were good as long as I owned the truck but they seem to be high. I have a 2005 Regular cab Z71
  3. Oil Fill Tube

    I used a heat gun (or maybe a small torch) and heated the bottom of my funnel and bent about a 30 degree bend in it. It works perfectly. It's a pretty good size funnel.
  4. Thanks everyone . Someone ran me a carfax.. [email protected] Is this legit? Do you just ask for a decode?
  5. Does anyone have the ability to run build sheets and or history reports such as carfax? Thanks in advance. I just picked up an 05 GMC z71 that I would love to know more about.
  6. Will 285/70R17 tires fit with the torsion bars cranked up on these wheels? or will they scrub bad?
  7. My father in law passed away and I ended up with his Regular Cab Sierra SLE Z71 5.3 auto with 76k. It has the steel chrome wheels and 265/70r17 tires. I want to upgrade to the later model 17" alum wheels. Will a 285/70r17 fit if I crank the torsion bars up? Is it better to go ahead and get keys or can I get it high enough adjusting the TB's? Any tips or tricks that I need to know? Dash all seems to be in good shape. The engine is very quite.
  8. I have about 5000 on my Duratracs and they shake pretty good right at 80. I'm planning on taking them back to the installer. They have a lifetime balance/rotation policy. I did notice that when they balanced my tires, there are no weights on the outside of the wheels. They used the knock on weights on the inside but didn't put any on the outside. Apparently, they don't use the stick on weights.
  9. https://www.howardbentleyauto.com/VehicleSearchResults?make=GMC&model=Sierra 1500&bodyType=TRUCK&year=2018 Premium Package Plus is $40,931 at Howard Bentley in Alabama
  10. That's where I bought mine. They basically told me they don't make any money off of the truck (LOL) but they get huge payouts at the end of the year for meeting sales numbers. No car dealer ever makes money off a car sell. Right?
  11. I assume you're talking about caster angles? Does anyone have the factory specs handy? Mine were -.29 left and -.32 on the right. Mine doesn't drive like I want it to. Sometimes it seems to not return to neutral. Sometimes it will drift right and sometimes left.
  12. 57045 WIX 0w-20 Valvoline synthetic. I change mine when the oil life % gets to about 20%. That normally puts me around 6000 miles.
  13. I had my Bilsteins installed at the local alignment shop. I had them installed on the highest position. It drove like crap when I got it back. I was planning to take it back to him but I had my Goodyears ordered and they were coming in a week so I waited and had Goodyear Tire place check the alignment. Sure enough it was out of spec. I assume he never aligned it after the install. I went ahead and had them align it. To my question: After the aligned it the truck drives much better. However, it doesn't drive as good as it did when it was still factory. Is this just the way it is going to be? I feel like I am always having to hold pressure on the steering wheel. It's like it doesn't have a neutral place in the steering. Sometimes it feels like it is pulling and sometimes not. I have included my alignment print out.
  14. What tuner and which tune gave you 3 mpg?

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