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  1. Thanks guys! Finally got an answer to the question instead of people telling me how I should clean my truck.
  2. Thanks, yeah, I had seen that in another thread.
  3. See, I thought it was leather. It has the same white stitching as the seat leather. Thanks
  4. I think the front part of my dash is leather and the center console. I'm not sure about the door. Many different surfaces on the door.
  5. I think I know but wanted another opinion. Isn't soft touch vinyl similar? They do some crazy imitations nowadays.
  6. I have a 2018 GMC Sierra and it has the SLT Crew Cab Premium Plus package. I assume all seating surfaces are leather but what other parts are leather? If the front part of the dash leather? Any parts of the door? I can't find exactly what's supposed to be leather. I'm just trying to clean my truck right and condition the leather. Thank you!
  7. The dealer had put on 22s. I had them changed to 18s. I also had Bilstein 5100s installed at the highest setting and also replaced the shocks in the back with Bilstein. I love the stiffer ride. I don't bounce all over the place now when I hit a bump.
  8. Sorry to ask a stupid question but I'm new to this leveling stuff. So all you did is install the Bilstein 5100's at max height 1.85? It looks pretty levele to me. All I want to do is level my 2018 crew cab Sierra.
  9. Hey, I just ordered the Bilstein 5100. It says it gives up to 1.85 inches of lift. What are you guys using to get the GMC Sierra 1500 level?
  10. Has anyone installed the one sold by Weathertech? I'm looking at the Alloycover one, the tri-fold.
  11. Thank you!!! I have it scheduled to go in on Saturday morning. The reason I thought it was the key was because the seats/mirrors don't move until you crank the truck up. I thought this was really weird because my previous Nissan Armada would recall memory when the doors unlock. What's the point of not changing seat position until after you get in it?(Rhetorical)
  12. Correct, I have two keys. One says Driver 2 and the other says Driver 3. I called the dealer and made an appointment to reprogram the key.
  13. I just bought my new Sierra a week ago and I've had a hell of a time getting my key/fob to remember my seat/mirrors/pedal settings. I've now played with it enough to figure out what may be the problem. One key says it's Driver 2 and the other says Driver 3. I got my settings for driver 2 programmed into the 2 button but I can't get number 3 to save in the number 1 button. Do I have to get the dealer to fix the key to say driver 1?
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