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  1. Whats the best brand for a 5.3, I don't want ebay or chinese. Looking at one over at elite engineering, but if I can do better please chime in! Thanks....
  2. Mine is an 18. They are not adjustable but has not been a problem so far. I use these everytime it rains or snows. I have them on a separate switch so I can turn them on and off.
  3. Not a problem at all. I used the supplied template marked them out on the bumper. I drilled the four corners with a unibit just big enough to get a metal jigsaw blade in. I then taped the bottom side of the jigsaw with duct tape as to not scratch the paint. I did the rear bumper as well with clear lights the same way.
  4. Not exactly in grill (I have my strobes there). Cut these Baja design in the front bumper.
  5. I love my 2018 silverado! However I really wish it had blind spot monitors. I have adjusted the mirrors, however would still like to find a company that makes these for my truck. Thanks..
  6. Looking to mount a phone holder below the drivers side vent, actually for a plow controller. Curious as I can't get my hand behind the panel, is there anything I should worry about airbags etc? I will be using self tapping screws for this. Thanks!
  7. Looking to add either Nerf bars or running boards on my 18 silverado reg cab, noththg jumping out for me. Show me what your using please, I really need ideas! Thanks....
  8. Has anyone been successful on extending the range from fob (not from phone)? Just before I go aftermarket. Thanks!
  9. Finding my old aftermarket auto start had a much farther range. Thinking of changing it out to a system like crime stoppers. Anything major involve deactivating the stock set up?
  10. Added the Baja design fogs and rear lights. Starting next on the whelen strobe lights, winters coming ughh... lol.
  11. Thanks does he sell a complete setup? I sent him an email earlier before posting this. I hope he gets back to me
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