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  1. Well darn, maybe there’s a way to get a newer console and gut the ventilation out. Then modify my current console so the ducting/vents would fit nicely. Although now I’m wondering if the 2019 doesn’t have a more powerful blower fan and if my current Silverado would have enough umph to force air back to the rear vents efficiently. Edit: Also after looking more at the 2019 interior I noticed the usb/power outlets are located more on the dash and not the console itself like the 2014-2018 models. So most likely I’d have to take parts from it (if it would be feasible) and integrate them into my console.
  2. Hello everyone, I recently acquired a Chevy Silverado that doesn’t have the rear vents and I noticed the 2019 has the center console with the rear vents. Does anyone have any idea if a conversion is possible using a 2019 center console to install in a 2014-2019 Silverado and somehow hook up the duct work/electrical? I apologize if someone has already asked this but I googled the heck out of this and I can’t find any answers. I’m assuming this probably isn’t possible due to my lack of results from googling but I wanted to ask here. It sure would be awesome if possible!
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