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  1. I ordered mine off amazon. I got a roll for a couple bucks. Edit: I also put 2 layers of vinyl over the bulbs as just the one layer gave off a pink hue. White+Red= Pink. 2 layers darkened it up a bit.
  2. Im assuming top console where the dome lights are. Open the sunglass holder then just infront of that on the piece where your dome light on/off switch is, put your fingers on the lip of that plate just behind the sunglass holder and pull down. It pops of fairly easy with a slight amount of force. After that, look up into there and you will see 2 screws up in there. One on back left and one on back right. Remove those. After that you should feel it start to come loose. There are 2 retaining clips up front, one on each side that is holding it in. First time will take a little bit of force to pop out but they are metal clips so not a lot of worry about them breaking if you dont go MadMax on them.
  3. Front console as in top roof where the dome lights are or front as in dash?
  4. I have a set of the Spyder tail lights I am willing to part with if anyone is interested. Nothing wrong with them, just decided to go with Recon after the purchase. Were maybe on the truck for 3 weeks tops.
  5. Yes. I have the factory LEDS. And both sets were plug n play.
  6. I liked the overall look of the Recons better than the Spyders. Just my opinion. Plus i got the Recon 3rd brake light and my OCD kicked in a little. Lol
  7. Here is a pic of the recons.... wish it was closer.
  8. I have the Spyder LEDs and also the goRecon LEDs. If any of you guys want the set of spyders, just let me know. I used them for maybe 2 months before getting the recons. Heres a pic of the Spyders.
  9. https://www.getoemparts.com/oem-parts/gm-wire-harness-23327843?origin=pla&gclid=Cj0KCQjwkoDmBRCcARIsAG3xzl8dK8Ajsp8fcNQNcjA1NXoNk8-u0WkDZdZECPLQCU_IN9uwyefz__oaAuoqEALw_wcB Found this. Looks right.
  10. You are correct with your part numbers. 806 is the 8 pin.
  11. Yes i did. I just went ahead and purchased the GM bed lighting kit and some LED strip lights off of amazon. Sometimes easier is worth the extra cash. The 8 pin is good for the 2500s and up and i believe some older model 1500s. Just climb under and look at the plug and see. I still have the 8 pin harness if you need it. Just pay shipping and its yours.
  12. Getting in is great. Getting out isnt bad, just need to be observant. I love em. FYI, order the steps seperatley because they package them lose with the rails during shipping and can damage the rails.
  13. I did have to pay for another set, that is why the option of refund is involved. It is the fastest way but also requires the purchase of another set. So if thats not possible, then option 2 would be the best. You'll just have to remove the bars and send them back and wait on a new set. I was told that warranty claims are priority over new orders. They were pretty fast. They paid for the return shipping. And they will also schedule a pickup of the old bars so its not too bad.
  14. I ordered the RKR rails with removable steps just recently. I hade the same issue. The steps were not secured in the box and just beat up the bars. They are warrantied and they give you a few options such as, 1. Touch up paint, 2. Return the product and they will send a new set, 3. (Fastest) order a new set which usually ship faster than the original, then return bad set and wait for your refund. I am currently waiting for my refund. So far they have made it right. Should be recieving my refund sometime this week hopefully.
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