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  1. Midnight Edition Mods

    I was the opposite. I couldnt see myself spending $250 for lugnuts. Ive had these for a while now and they are basically the same steel nuts as the stock ones. Work just fine. I think GM is profiting off the fact that the ones they're selling have locks. Other than than, steel lugs are steel lugs.
  2. Midnight Edition Mods

    I found a set on ebay for $30. They are a bit shorter than stock but same diameter and sit flush with stock wheels.
  3. Midnight Edition Mods

    You got more pics of the dash and doors? I am interested in this very much!
  4. Midnight Edition Mods

    Upgraded to 20" Fuel wheels. Color matched center caps on the way!
  5. Midnight Edition Mods

    So i went with the Lifetime Gold package which is basically: Paint correction, 4 layers of 9h on the paint, 1 Layer on the glass, 1 layer on the plastic trim and 1 layer on the face of the wheels. Thats on average around $1500 from all the places I researched. I also had them add a layer on the bed cover since it is powder coated aluminum to keep from fading. I had them pull the wheels and do the inside of the drum along with the face. And I also had them coat the interior minus the seats. The ceramic for the leather seats is essentially useless in my point of view because it wears off in a few months with all the body rubbing of getting in and out and normal wear. Overall, final price was $2k. Totally worth it for me as it cut my cleaning time down to about 15min and looks like its freshly waxed everytime. I spray it off just by misting the water over it, blow dry if possible and wipe off any remaing water. With the required yearly inspection, they will add a layer of sport coat which basically continues and refreshes the hydrophobic properties. It is pricey but to retain gloss and tone, the added protection, ease of cleaning is well worth it for me.
  6. Midnight Edition Mods

    Sounds to me like some connection is loose. I know our model trucks wont even start if the HMI module isnt connected. Finding a random bad connection is crap. I hope they figure it out. But no, havent expierenced anything like that yet.
  7. Midnight Edition Mods

    Finally got the Ceramic Pro done. Added a BedRug and Bed lights as well.
  8. That part is for the 2500s which is an 8 pin connector. The 1500s use a 6 pin connector. I have yet to find only the harness for 1500s for sale. Cheapest kit I've seen so far was for $99. You can use the dummy plug and make your own harness which is the cheapest way to go. A few posts here will tell you what components you need. As far as I know, there is no "only" harness yet.
  9. I have the 8 pin harness for the 2500s. I was looking for the 6 pin pin out. I was just gonna swap ends. I got it all figured now. Thanks though!
  10. So the 8 pin harness only has a power and ground. I would assume that i dont need the 3rd wire either on the 6 pin thats linked to the brake lights just for the cargo switch to power the bed lights?
  11. Can you share the pin out if you happen to remember?
  12. Can someone post a pic of their 6 pin harness or tell ne the pin out so i can convert my 8 pin over to the 6? Please and thank you!!
  13. The plugs are not the same!! The 1500s seem to be a bit smaller. Still you can use the dummy plug provided that you have the hardware to swap plugs. Can anyone provide a pic or a pin out of their 1500 bed light plug for me so I can make this dream come true. Just got the harness for the 2500 and all thats dufferent is the plug size. I have the pins to swap plugs just need the correct pin out.
  14. 2018 OEM LED Tail Light Swap

    So the only ones Ive been able to find that work with the OEM Factory LEDs are by Spyder and theyre the UBar style.

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