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  1. Sure. I'll upload some today.
  2. Yep. 2 bolts per step and off they come. Plus I like the fact of having sliders now whenever I feel like it.
  3. I just added the N-Fab RKR rails with removable steps. They are the tightest ive found so far with the added bonus of being able to remove the steps whenever you need to.
  4. I removed the Chevy accessories tube steps that came with mine and added the N-Fab RKR rails witj removable steps.
  5. Dome Light swap?

    Did the inside of mine. Didnt go with the gels though. I went with the red transparent vinyl. Cut out little pieces and hit it with a heat gun and it conformed nicely around the bulb. Fyi...anyone trying to do this. Fronts bulbs are easy to get to. The cover over the rear set is an A$$hole. Dont just pull the trim piece, pull out the entire module if you dont wont broken tabs!!! There are 2 tabs on each side that you cant get to unless the whole module is out.
  6. Just added the N-Fab RKR rails.
  7. MyLink

    No. Its behind the glovebox. Remove upper and lower boxes and look above cabin air filter.
  8. MyLink

    Maybe a loose/bad connection on the HMI module.
  9. Dome Light swap?

    I was assuming that something like this might be the only option. How did you install this film? You cut small pieces and just tucked it in around the bulb?
  10. I have a 2018 LTZ Midnight. I wanna swap the existing LED dome lights to red LEDs. Has anyone accomplished this? If so, what LEDs did you use?
  11. Selling these steps installed at dealer. They are the 3" diameter steps from the Chevy accessories. Anybody want them?
  12. Midnight Edition Mods

    Color matched center caps installed. Also installed E85 sensor for versatility and a little added gain in HP!
  13. Midnight Edition Mods

    I was the opposite. I couldnt see myself spending $250 for lugnuts. Ive had these for a while now and they are basically the same steel nuts as the stock ones. Work just fine. I think GM is profiting off the fact that the ones they're selling have locks. Other than than, steel lugs are steel lugs.

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