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  1. Hello all. I have a 2018 GMC SLT with the 8" HU, non bose system. I am installing a JL power wedge 10" powered sub next week. My installer said the only thing I could do to improve the door speakers is to install a new HU. New door speakers won't make much difference. Doing some research, I found the Kicker smart key amp. It's a very small amp with DSP that is similar to the one used in the Kicker Southgate system. I just want to replace speakers and get a little bit better sound quality by installing the amp. Has anyone tried that amp??
  2. I have a 2018 Sierra with the 6.2 and Max Trailer package (2wd). I have around 3000 miles on it and it's averaged 18.5 mpg since I drove it home from the dealer. I did a 1000 mile road trip with it, but the rest of the miles are city driving. I don't pay much attention to fuel efficiency, but I think it does pretty good. I don't baby it at all.
  3. It came really close to getting the Borla, they sound great! I don't think you could go wrong with either one.
  4. Just got the gmpp 'Corsa' exhaust installed on my 2018 6.2. Very impressed so far, no drone on highway and no helicopter sound when going down to 4 cylinders. Just what I was looking for as far as sound, not too loud on cold start, quiet when cruising, sounds great when you get into the gas!!
  5. When you look at exhaust systems in gm accessories, there are a couple systems that are not labeled Borla. I saw somewhere on here that Corsa made the system. I have heard the Borla systems and like them, I just want to hear what the other system sounds like before I buy.
  6. Awesome!! Let me know when I can place an order.
  7. Has anyone done the GM dealer installed Corsa system? I am likely going to get the gm borla system, but would like to get input from those that purchased the Corsa system.
  8. Just bought a 2018 gmc 1500 slt and cannot wait to do this mod!!! I will try to read thru most of the thread before I start bugging everyone with questions...
  9. Traded in my 2016 2500 for a 2018 SLT with a 6.2 and max tow package! Loving it so far!
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