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  1. Hey guys, been doing a fair bit of research over the last couple weeks and i have a couple specific questions. I'm new to the world of owning a truck, and am looking at a 2500HD 8.1, 200,000 KM on it (125,000 miles). The ride is very clean, and drives like a champ, stops ok (and starts ok!), tranny felt tight, steering was relatively straight. Question I have, do these things have any notorious issues that I should be aware of? I have read some stories of peoples t-case failing, and exhaust bolts rusting, etc. Are these typical issues? With our harsh winters up north, the underbody takes a fair beating, and i can understand rusting bolts etc after 18 years. The only thing that caused a bit of a concern was when I started it for the test drive, it felt like it almost died before turning over - is this typical? It had been sitting for only 24 hours by the time i started it, and the dealer said they but a brand new battery in the truck when they received it on trade in a week before that (reeks of an alternator issue...)

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