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  1. I guess I was just wanting to order a longer set since I will be doing the traction bar install my self. I was curious what the size of these would be on a Fabtech 6" lift.
  2. I am wanting to add the Rough Country traction bars to my truck since I get a lot of hop in the rear end with the 6.2 acceleration. I noticed they attach to the U-bolts on the rear, but mine are all the way maxed out since I added an extra block for leveling the truck(pic attached). I'm curious where I can get new lo nger U-bolts and from where ? My guess another 1/2" to 3/4" would do it.
  3. 2017 1500 Silverado LTZ, has power fold, reverse tilt, and remote fold from fob. I would have thought the mirror features are built into the truck computer, not in the mirror ? There perfect condition if you would like to buy them.
  4. I'm curious, would i need a new harness since my current mirrors already have the power fold and blinker feature ? The mirrors I want are the OEMassive Power Fold mirrors Link: http://oemassive.com/2x-power-folding-heat-led-turn-chrome-towing-mirror-for-14-18-silverado-sierra/
  5. I have a 2017 LTZ Silverado with the power fold mirrors, has the defrost and puddle lights with chrome caps. I want to go with the tow mirrors but I am curious if I would be able to sell my LTZ mirrors ? Are people wanting these or does anyone on here have an interest in buying them from me ?
  6. I too love the Ridge Grapplers. Nice ride and not to loud. Aggressive sidewall too.
  7. Best ride would be a 9" or 10" wide wheel on a 12.5 wide tire.
  8. Depends on your preference for the size on your truck, but with an 18" wheel, more tire will mean more sidewall and softer ride. If you can, go with better tires like Toyo or Nitto.
  9. OK, well that is an off-brand tire. In my experience, sometimes a generic tire will vibrate and have a hard time balancing. They dont get the best QC before they ship out and you might have one that is bad. I have had some black bear tires that would not run smooth no matter what. Also had some atturo tires with the same issue.
  10. With mine, the ride got worse going to the 12 wide wheel. Every shop I have called said that is the case since i am stretching the tire. With these bigger tires and wheels, the factory shocks and struts cant handle them well so you feel everything. I am going to swap out my factory struts to a Fox coil over or Rough Country Vertex system and see how much better it is.
  11. So, if the rough ride is caused by the 12" wide wheel, would going to a wider tire fix that? For instance, I am running a 12.5 wide tire, what if i went to a 13.5 wide tire ?
  12. The Tires are 35x12.50R20 on a Gear Alloy big block 20x12. I called the tire shop and he said he did a X pattern on the rotation and I might be feeling the tire adjusting. I thought you only rotated off road tires front to back, not crisscross ?
  13. So, I recently switched from a 10 wide to a 12 wide wheel on a Nitto Ridge 35 tire, same tires on previous wheels. Tires only have about 10k on them. I also had them rotate the tires for the first time. When I drove the truck home, I was shocked how bad it rode. I had 12 wides on my last truck and it was nothing like this. Checked air pressure and it was good at about 37. Seems like the tires are riding real bumpy now and I feel every little crack and bump in the road plus a slight vibration anything over 40mph. Doing 70 this morning on my way to work was just awful rough. Is it possible they rotated the tires wrong ? Doesn't seem like there out o balance from the rough feel.
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