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  1. I know this is an old thread, but I have a squeak or a creek noise coming from my leaf springs. Its driving me crazy. When you slowly come to a stop, you can hear it and then when you take off again. Sounds like a creaking door opening and closing. Only happens when you move forward or come to a stop. Jumping up and down on the truck wont do it, only accelerating from a stop and coming to a stop. It goes away when the truck gets wet or its raining, then returns.
  2. Thats my plan this weekend. I haven't looked but can the plug be accessed without pulling the grill ?
  3. Also, I have both codes, U1501, and U1510
  4. Will do. If replacing the shutter, do you buy the whole shutter assembly or is there just an electrical component to replace ? I only find the part number for whole assembly which is around $250.
  5. Not sure if I am reading all that correctly but looks like if i replace the m60a active grille air shutter 1 motor, this might fix my issue ? I also see something about electronic brake control module in that info ? I think I got a letter for a recall on this issue.
  6. That is what I am reading the code is related too when searching online. The truck acts fine till I remote start it then the engine light comes on and it wont remote start at all, just clicks. I know the dealer will charge me a ton to have this looked at.
  7. Is this covered under drive train warranty ? Are they just changing them out ? I am getting the ECM P0005, ECM U1501, and ECM U1510 error codes. My remote start is triggering it which is weird
  8. Got in my truck yesterday and noticed check engine light, but truck drives fine. I cant find any know issues. Plugged in my Black Bear tuner to pull error codes and found these 3 codes, ECM P0005, ECM U1501, and ECM U1510. Anyone have any experience with these? I look them up online and find its a ground communication with some sort of shutter valve ? I was able to clear the codes on my Black Bear and engine light went away. When I remote start the truck, it comes back. Only the remote start seems to trigger it and wont let it remote start. I have tried resetting computer by pulling negative cable off for a while. Clears engine light, but as soon as I do a remote start, engine light comes back on. Remote start just makes a click noise and wont let it start. I want to figure this out since I am at 50K miles now out of warranty.
  9. OK, need this gone. I will go $1,100 for the full $1,343 credit.
  10. This can be used at any 4wheel parts.
  11. I have a credit at 4 wheel parts for $1,343 that I wont use. I will gift card it to you for $1200. Need gone asap for family issues. Can meet at store to verify.
  12. So, just left 4 wheel parts and I am trying to figure out what Bilstein shocks to go with. I have already tried a few coilovers and didn't like the stiff ride. The shop guy recommends the 6112 for the best on-road and softest ride with my 35" tires, but I am curious what the difference would be going with the 5100 and stock spring? NOt sure it would be worth the extra $400 for the 6112s. I have a Fabtech 6" lift on a 2017 Silverado 1500.
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