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  1. My previous 07 Silverado had evap problems for the last several years of ownership. My '19 had a whistling noise under light acceleration. The vent hose for the gas fill assembly was too narrow and/or collapsing on itself making the noise. Maybe have them check that out. Also I know that over filling the tank when fueling can cause gas to back up into the charcoal canister and cause evap error codes. Don't squeeze that last gallon in the tank or round up to the nearest dollar. When the pump kicks off you're done. The good thing is your truck is under warrant
  2. My '19 High Country with the 6.2 and SU4 axle has been trouble free thus far (knocking on wood) with the exception of the leaky rear window which was finally fixed. I just cracked 17K on the odometer. If you're going to modify your truck I would make sure you keep the original parts for awhile so you can switch them back if you run into problems. After reading the horror stories in this thread you can bet GM will fight you tooth and nail if you mod the truck.
  3. Was wondering the same thing the first time I put it in Sport Mode and got into it. Scared the crap out of daughter...I had an ear to ear grin on my face.
  4. I've got a High Country with 15K and change on the odometer and the SU4 front axle and have not heard a peep. I've gone under the truck and there is the slop/play where the axle goes into the diff (just like the video in the beginning of this thread) but no noise. I've been following this thread simply because I don't think that slop should be there and can't be good for the longevity of the drivetrain despite the assurances from GM.
  5. I've run a small 2 gallon shop-vac on mine with no issues. It's the only thing I've used it for.
  6. General Motors expected to provide Alaskan relocation assistance to all "Jinglers" as it would be fiscally preferable than actually fixing their trucks. ? Sorry, couldn't help myself. Figured this topic needed a little levity.
  7. The dealer can use the the VIN and look up the truck's build sheet. Every option on that truck will be listed there, including which front axle it has.
  8. I agree but it was my salesman trying to help me vs. leaving me in the hands of the service department and he knows I can find out information that he doesn't understand. I buy many vehicles from the dealership yearly and my salesman gets me further than the service department does. Copy that. Hope you get it squared away.
  9. When they replaced mine, per my paperwork, it was part 84569182. Description - Window 16.464 N On a side note...your dealer doesn't know what window? Seriously? Doesn't exactly inspire confidence.
  10. I used stainless nut-serts to install mine. I drilled the holes, painted the bare metal and then installed the nut-serts. Worked great. https://www.amazon.com/Stainless-Steel-Rivnut-Insert-Nutsert/dp/B01MS0ED4L
  11. Damn. Sucks. I would definitely be insisting on an extended warranty from GM.
  12. I have a Retrax bed cover and have had zero issues with regard to the swing cases. Thanks for the tip on the latches...think I'll spray mine down today with lithium grease as a form of preventative maintenance.
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