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  1. wireless charging upgrade

    The one on my '19 HC has been great. I place the phone on there (in an Otter Box Defender case) and it always starts charging. I timed these charging speed yesterday and found that it charges my Galaxy S8 at about 1% per minute.
  2. I love them too! I have a socket/tool set in one and a lithium battery jump starter in the other. On road trips I leave one empty for my daughter's entertainment stuff...Nintendo Switch, tablet, charging cords, etc.
  3. Rear window leak

    My truck is US built. First attempt at fixing it my dealer removed and re-set the window. I also called GM customer service and got a case number. Still leaked. Second attempt, my dealer removed the spoiler piece that overhangs the window and re-sealed it. Was told GM would not sign off on a replacement window. Also called GM customer service and had someone assigned to my case. Still leaked. I sent an e-mail to GM's North American VP explaining my situation. The following day I had a phone call from GM Executive customer service rep. Long story short, my window was finally replaced. The dealer said that they found a hairline crack in my old window. I just got it back on Saturday. I hope it's finally water tight. Hasn't rained yet though. Still love the truck but it's been a very frustrating two months that is hopefully behind me.
  4. I have this issue with my High Country. You must insist, beg, demand, whatever but make sure they REPLACE the back window. Do not let them attempt to re-seal it. Also contact GM and get a case number. Good luck!
  5. My High Country came with the painted 20" wheels with Bridgestone Dueler AT's. I live in South Florida so I don't see snow but we get a lot of rain. The tires seem to stick pretty in rain. I did have the truck up in Boone, NC this winter and the tires performed well in mud, snow and icy slush. No complaints here.
  6. I cannot tell that it's shutting down cylinders. It has been imperceptible, to me, so far. As far as MPG, my new 6.2 is getting the same MPG's as my old 5.3 so I'm pretty happy with it. The only thing I worry about is longevity at this point...it's just too new to know.
  7. Have to agree with your choice of color. Although I like the painted 20" rims on mine because they happen to match the satin steel paint.
  8. I can also conform the fix (TSB # 19-NA-005). I had my truck at the dealer for another warranty issue and had them address the whining noise while it was there. The tech couldn't make the noise so I had to drive over to the dealer, take him for a ride and make the noise. Thankfully I was able to replicate the noise. The fuel hose/pipe assembly was replaced and the noise is finally gone.
  9. Retrax Pro MX. I got mine on Amazon. I paid $1829 in October. On sale right now for $1646...Doh! My review and pics can be seen here... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GNJS264/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 As previous poster stated, expensive but well built, made in USA and lifetime warranty.
  10. 2020 HD and Pontiac Aztek

    Pontiac Engineering Team... We're going to divide the engineering team in half. You guys start at the front and we'll start at the back. We'll meet in the middle. What could go wrong?
  11. ReTrax Pro Tonneau?

    I installed the Retrax Pro MX on my 19 High Country. As previously indicated, mine isn't 100% watertight but it's close. I love that it can be locked in any position. Mine works well with the power up and down tailgate. I also like that it's made in the USA and has a lifetime warranty. The only drawback is that it does eat up some bed space but that was not a big deal for me plus there is some storage space under the canister. Watched a couple Youtube videos before it arrived which made installation pretty easy.
  12. Rear window leak

    I have considered it. Unfortunately I had a bad experience with my 07 Silverado at the closest dealership to my house. Long story short...check engine light, fuel evap system, 5 service visits and over $1000 later and the light continues to come back on. My truck is at the second closest dealer to my home. The next one after that is do-able but a much bigger inconvenience. However it may come down to that.
  13. One thought, I know fresh oil can look transparent on the dipstick...like nothing was on there even though there really is. Only thing that makes sense to me based on your description. Have you started it? If so, what does the pressure gauge show?
  14. Rear window leak

    As indicated in my previous posts I had a leak as well. I took my truck to the dealer on 1/5/19 and got it back on 1/15/19. My dealer did not replace the window. They re-set my current one. Didn't really care as long as it doesn't leak. While detailing the interior of my truck after getting it back I discovered a large gouge in the plastic kick panel on the drivers side back seat area that they damaged while removing and re-installing the back seats. I also found some minor paint chips under the back glass. In addition, after I picked it up, I kept hearing something roll around the dash area every time I turned. Thought it was the key FOB but after eliminating that possibility I found a loose interior screw rolling around the dash board storage area. Then I found another one in the center console rear cup holder. Then, predictably, I started hearing a squeak from the rear seat area after hitting any bumps...assuming it's the two missing interior screws I found. I expected that stuff when I was 16 and my friend and I took apart my dash to install a radio and had left-over screws when we finished but not when I take my truck to a dealer. These are supposed to be professionals. To make matters worse, after the first rain storm, my truck leaked again! Took it back to the dealer and told my service adviser that everyone I know who has had this problem had their windows replaced, not re-sealed. He called a few days ago and claims GM will not sign off on a window replacement. He claims they found the leak and sealed it. Sure...like they did the first time. Now they are waiting on the kick panel to come in that they damaged. On a side note, prior to taking my truck in the first time, I messaged the GMCustomerService guy who sometimes responds to posts offering to work in conjunction with the dealer as an additional layer of support. No offense, seems like a nice guy, but other than e-mailing the dealership's 'customer experience manager' I don't really know what else they do. It doesn't seem to have helped my situation at all. I really do love the truck but this ordeal is sucking the joy out of the ownership experience.
  15. SiriusXM radio on RST model

    My '00 Jeep Wrangler has an aftermarket radio with a small magnetic XM antenna that sits on the hood. Not sure if your stock radio is XM enabled and if it is, if it has a port/plug for an antenna but I figured I'd mention the possibility of the external antenna option in case it does. The antenna was about $15 - $20 and is fairly inconspicuous. Plus no drilling/rusting/leaking.

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