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  1. What did you pay for your truck?

    In my experience high volume dealers tend to discount more. They may make less $ per vehicle but they sell a ton of them. I also find service tends to be lacking at the high volume dealers...just my experience.
  2. What did you pay for your truck?

    My '19 High Country 6.2L stickered at 61.6K. I got it for 53.5K before taxes, tag and title.
  3. 2019 AT4 - Headlights aiming?

    My '19 High Country lights seem like they're aimed high. I get flashed pretty often (with high beams for those with dirty minds ). In fact, on my way to work in the morning when it's dark and an oncoming car is approaching I keep my hand on the high beam control ready to really blind them when they flash. Will have to test them with the above mentioned method. Thanks.
  4. Recall

  5. 2019 6.2L MPG

    I'm getting around 15 overall with mostly city miles. I have taken one brief road trip and I was averaging 19. The best 50 mile stretch I've had was 21.2. Basically the same as my '07 with the 5.3L. She's got just over 1500 miles now.
  6. Thanks for the info. I did see that thread yesterday in doing research. The '19s are so new there is little if any info on them yet so I was looking at the previous gen trucks. I don't plan on pulling any fuse having to do with the crankshaft nor am I cutting any wires. I'll let the dealer handle it. And yes, that rpm range is when I usually hear the noise.
  7. Well, I found two fuses for the infotainment system. I pulled them both, drove around, and the noise is still there. So unless there is some other fuse for the ANC system, my theory is debunked. I got nothing.
  8. I have an appointment at the dealer for Dec. 4 but based on Bailey's post I'm not expecting much. I still think it's an active noise cancellation problem. Based on Bailey's post he obviously has the same stereo system. I'm going to try to find and pull the fuse for the radio, or more specifically the amp for the subwoofer, and drive around. If the noise is gone it will confirm my suspicion. If it's still there then back to the drawing board. I looked up all the TSB's for these trucks and can't find anything close to what we're describing.
  9. Not very familiar with active noise cancellation so I don't know if the system would be active if the radio was muted or not. For what it's worth I just drove around the neighborhood with the sound system completely turned off and it still did it. Will have to schedule an appointment with the dealer. I can reproduce the noise within 5 minutes or less in a non-highway driving scenario.
  10. I have it too. It's seems to be only when I'm accelerating. If I take my foot off the gas it stops and when I resume accelerating most of the time it's gone but occasionally it will do it again. I would guess that from a dead stop it does it 60%-75% of the time upon acceleration. I was wondering if it was some type of noise cancellation run amok/malfunction. I have the premium Bose sound system. If you have the noise, what stereo system do you have?
  11. Rear Seat Covers

    Best quote I've had was two months. They made it sound like they had the truck but were working on patterns. I imagine the seat back storage compartments are quite the challenge.
  12. Retractable Tonneau Cover

    I installed the Retrax Pro MX cover. It is the powder coated aluminum one. Lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship. Made in USA. Installation was pretty straight forward. Very happy with the looks and functionality. The only drawback is that the canister that the cover rolls up into does eat up some bed space. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GNJS264/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. Rear Seat Covers

    Has anyone been able to find seat covers for the rear seats that allow access to the storage compartments built into the seat backs? I've been looking but have been unable to find any. I'm sure they'll be out eventually but I wanted to purchase some before allowing the dogs back there on an upcoming road trip.
  14. Interesting. Didn't know the one about the oil filter.
  15. On my old '07 Silverado I was able to turn the entire HVAC system off and press the vent selector button and open up the vents to the outside air without the compressor or fan being on. I like to do that on cool mornings. I can't figure out how to do that on the new truck (High Country) or if it's even possible. If I turn off the AC and recirculate button I get outside air but the fan is still on. Can't seem to turn off the fan and have the vents open. Checked the manual but no luck. Any ideas?

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