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  1. Rear window leak

    Not mine. After the third attempt at fixing, it was determined that my window had a hairline crack and was finally replaced.
  2. Rear window leak

    To that aspect, I think part of the problem is the lack of true 'mechanics'. You know, someone who takes something apart and by using critical thinking and experience, fixes it. Today, we have 'technicians'. Basically someone who reads a TSB and follows a designated repair procedure or plugs in the diagnostic computer and swaps out parts. In other words they're not figuring out why our windows leaked. They are just robotically following the repair procedure put forth by GM. Just sayin'.
  3. Infotainment Brightness

    Mine does the dash and infotainment lights. And I agree, at full brightness, it's pretty harsh at night. I have mine turned down about half way at night.
  4. Infotainment Brightness

    https://my.chevrolet.com/content/dam/gmownercenter/gmna/dynamic/manuals/2019/Chevrolet/silverado-1500/19_CHEV_Silverado_OM_en_US_U_23400204A_2018MAY17.pdf Page 181
  5. If they say there is no damage to the engine, Chevrolet has what's called a Continuing Coverage Letter (CCL) that basically acts like an extended warranty for whatever component(s) the letter says is covered. It will also specify the time period for the coverage as well. At a minimum I would insist I get a CCL for the engine. Hope it works out for you.
  6. Loud AC /Blower motor.

    I hadn't noticed anything that I wouldn't consider normal. Maybe find someone else with 2019 or go back to the dealer and listen to a few others that are on the lot and compare it to yours.
  7. Sotally Tober's T1 Build

    The Empire Strikes Back!
  8. Curious to see what your dealer says. No amount of reassurance would convince me that there wasn't the possibility of permanent damage done to that engine. Damn that sucks!
  9. I used this write up and it worked perfectly for me...
  10. Rear window leak

    I don't know if it's the entire thing. I was just re-posting it from earlier in the thread...I think from page 6 or 7.
  11. Rear window leak

    By the way, when I got my truck back the first two times I attempted to leak test it myself. I sat there spraying that thing with a hose from every conceivable angle and every pattern on the nozzle for a good 20 minutes and couldn't make it leak. I was like friggin' Forrest Gump...Little bitty stingin' rain, and big ol' fat rain, rain that flew in sideways, and sometimes rain even seemed to come straight up from underneath. But a real light rain for 15 minutes and found water drops in the cab. Can't explain it but when it rained, it leaked.
  12. Rear window leak

    #18-NA-383: Water Found in Rear Interior of Cab, Water Leak at Rear Sliding Window - (Feb 1, 2019) WINDOW RR-FULL WIDTH, SLIDING, POWER (A48) Customer may comment on finding water in the rear interior of the cab. The cause of the condition may be cracking in the rear sliding window plastic upper rail glass guide. The plastic upper rail glass guide may develop small fractures/cracking which allows water to pass through on the glass side of the urethane that attaches to the vehicle body. Note: The cracks can be in the left and/or right side of the rear sliding window plastic upper rail glass guide which is covered by the roof rear spoiler. Examples of a left (1), then right side (2) visual crack (with the spoiler removed) are shown in the graphics above. R & R the roof rear spoiler and apply seam sealer to the rear sliding window top encapsulate, following the steps in the Service Procedure below. Important: When verifying this condition, ensure that the water leak path is due to cracks in the rear sliding window plastic upper rail glass guide, and NOT a leak in the primary urethane seal, between the window and the body. A leak in the primary urethane seal should be addressed by removing and resealing the window, using the standard service procedure from SI.
  13. My HC loads pretty consistently most of the time. Every now and then the Nav will take about 10 to 15 seconds longer than normal but that may be a satellite issue. I've found that if you start the truck and let it do it's thing for a few seconds before jumping right into gear or start pushing buttons...giving everything a chance to boot up...it seems to run more smoothly. That pretty much eliminated the 'fish-eye' view for the back up cam. Kind of like when you boot up a computer and immediately click on your web browser icon and it takes forever to load because the computer is still booting the operating system. Works for me anyway.
  14. Rear window leak

    I've mentioned this before but make sure you inspect your truck when you get it back BEFORE you drive off. If they remove that rear window the back seats have to come out. My truck had a gouged interior kick panel, 2 loose screws rolling around and some minor paint chips around the back glass. Thankfully my dealer made it right after I raised hell.
  15. Those are the only two issues I've had with my truck so far. Ask them if they want you to reproduce the noise before you leave the dealer...I had to drive back to mine and take the tech for a drive when they couldn't make the noise.

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