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  1. Did you ever get this figured out? I know this thread is old, but I have noticed the same issue yesterday. I believe mine is the power steering line. Not to sure on this, the fluid didn't smell and was a little oily and clear. Here are some video links of the leakage. https://share.icloud.com/photos/0AOqdP-1ssVH_-WtyuckaoF-A
  2. I have them, the wear so far isn’t bad(20k miles on them). Only con to me is they are LOUD, I did read that in the reviews and dealt with it. After this set I’ll probably go to some Open Countries. I have 305/55-20 though. Check out the pics, sorry for the bad angles lol. I do love the way they look, but the noise.
  3. The valance was 200$ and the chrome insert was 150$, my buddy owns a powder coating shop in town I was going to have him blast it if it was aluminum or steel, but it was sadly plastic. So he took it to a body shop in town to paint it(i think they swapped work because i didn't get charged). It will definitely be a weekend job for me.
  4. I’m ready to pull the trigger on this, I got the chrome piece color matched. But this piece is a PITA to install to the valance, I feel like some of the tabs will snap if I force it. I’ve searched online and can’t find any help to install this. Might have to visit a body shop.
  5. Well good to know haha I was about to go through the same trouble on making a template. I think i am going to try a silver vinyl like my photoshop below for a bit, might just go back to black though like yours.
  6. That looks good man, I've been on the search for the image to make one myself. I need one to scale so I can use my gf's cricut vinyl cutter lol. If not the good ol razor blade I guess.
  7. Yeah definitely. The only issue I seen was the dang bolts in the middle, they looked hard to access. I am dreading removing the whole bumper. I am aiming for this look below, the only issue next was the license plate mounting I believe they are rivets. Another thread and discussion. I don't want to mess with law on a fix it ticket lol.
  8. I am interested to see how they turn out, I have been waiting to pull the trigger on these. I'd make an offer on them if they don't work out or you still hate them lol.
  9. Nice looks good man! I trimmed mine but I cut the sides off and left the middle on only, like I've seen others do. I'm still not completely sold on it myself lol, so I ended up buying the high country one with the chrome insert. I am going to color match the chrome piece this week and install the whole new valance soon.
  10. I love the look and the color matches pretty solid man. I have been on the hunt lately myself, had op7 LED's but one burned out so went back completely stock. Tried a set of HID's and ran a relay for the DRL and something went wrong(think it was a bad ground), so I went back completely stock now. Would not mind going to what you have with no modifications. Any issue's with DRL's?
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