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  1. I'm pretty big advocate on not blinding oncoming traffic. Obviously you bought them and aren't going to go back now. But these are the moritmoto fog lights with a beam cutoff. The other pic is the D2S 5.0 headlight low beams and fog lights. Also let's see some pics man!
  2. Mine cracked and the windshield place only needed to know if it had the sensor or not which I had as well. I believe it was a little more cost, (roughly $230 non gm dealer). No issues after the fact, other then a catching a rock a week later [emoji20]. Luckily it was the bottom right corner so it doesn't bug me. But the new one is holding up to that rock chip a year later.
  3. This is why we need people like you lol. I'd definitely burn my truck [emoji23]. This info little as it may be, is gold to the not wire/tech savvy people like me.
  4. Cause then you'd need or want an in-line fuse hence relay?
  5. I'd think they'd be plug and play to the switch, being the Rigid brand they better be and no relay should be needed imo. My Morimoto fogs were plug and play.
  6. Your truck is bitchin man, personally I wouldn't mess with the 1500 clip. I'd do the 2017+ HD hood instead? I'd say color match to, but I don't think it'd match the rest of the truck look.
  7. I agree 100% to the light output, sorry if I came off rude in my first quote. In regards to that I have been window shopping headlights and found these Chevrolet Silverado HD (16-19): XB LED Headlights, I just can't justify to myself spending $1,400 on some damn headlights , if they were half the cost I'd probably get them for sure. They are pretty nice though.
  8. I have a 15 and purchased an AFE intake, no codes thrown. Also from what I searched I'd go with a "Dry filter" over oiled. Haven't had any issues, I also purchased a pre-filter wrap for dirty off-roading/sand dunes. It came out to roughly 380$ish. Also try calling them, they might give you 20% off, they have been running specials this last month or so. It looks like there's two or three different intake models you can pick from. The high end with the most HP gain (15HP gain) is $472.50 Momentum(Dry S Filter). The lower series is $367.50 (4HP gain) Quantum Pro Dry S.
  9. There's threads already started about this I believe, hopefully no one goes at you for not searching lol. Well on second thought maybe not reverse like you're asking? I would ask why you'd want to go reverse to a 1500 clip, cause usually everyone goes 2500, but to each their own.
  10. On the fogs it was a huge difference, to me well worth it(got them for Christmas lol) I would like to do the lows to the moriomotos too, but that’s a decent penny, the LEDs are fine for now though. I didn’t bother doing the highs, I just couldn’t justify to myself for the amount of usage they’d get.
  11. Sorry what I mean to say was, I couldn’t find a before picture lol, the one pic is with both the headlights and foglights on. The other picture is just the foglights on. I looked earlier as well and they might have stopped selling them, really weird lol.
  12. I went with H11 Leds, Opt7 was the brand, got them on Amazon and got morimoto fog lights from fastheadlights($200). I would like to go with HIDs down the road for more brightness, but you have to run a relay(another thread discussion). I just wanted something for plug and play for now. I wish I could find a before picture to show the difference.
  13. Haha this comment wins, that'd been my guess for sure. Without being offensive or stereotypical, the camper shell is a give away. When I was growing up, my dad would look for trucks from older gentlemen 65+, to purchase from when we were in the market lol. Anyway a nice find on that vehicle. @03 Cobra imo the first immediate upgrade I would look into, is the headlights. The stock factory's are just crap.
  14. Did you ever get this figured out? I know this thread is old, but I have noticed the same issue yesterday. I believe mine is the power steering line. Not to sure on this, the fluid didn't smell and was a little oily and clear. Here are some video links of the leakage. https://share.icloud.com/photos/0AOqdP-1ssVH_-WtyuckaoF-A
  15. I have them, the wear so far isn’t bad(20k miles on them). Only con to me is they are LOUD, I did read that in the reviews and dealt with it. After this set I’ll probably go to some Open Countries. I have 305/55-20 though. Check out the pics, sorry for the bad angles lol. I do love the way they look, but the noise.
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