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  1. I still have 2 8" JL subs, been wanting to do this for a while. Might just run 1 so I can leave room for golf clubs on other side [emoji23].
  2. Right on man, I was wondering if you were able to get it and how it turned out. If you remember, take some pics and post them up to see the turnout. Funny little mods like this we just do, I forget to post them for reference.
  3. I found a pic off eBay, if yours looks like this the rubber sleeve inside there pulls out. It's almost camouflaged lol.
  4. Lol no worries I was mad for a second, cause I explained it in my reply [emoji1787]. The bottom two screws are hidden behind the rubber lining that pulls out on the bottom.
  5. Holy crap lol, I was looking for threads and other forums for this, last week and this week. I did this mod Sunday night. This has got to be fate man lol! Hopefully this is the same access for the 19 Denali. I have a 2015 Chevy Diesel 2500HD. There's 4 torque screws on the side. You can see the top two by just looking in, the bottom two you have to pull the rubber sleeve out and you can see them. The scary part is pulling off the back. I'd say lift up and towards your head(it takes some force). I absolutely hate and always get scared of breaking clips or plastic inside. The second pic is the QC charger I went with, its solid and charges fast, found it on amazon for like $13. You also have to bore out the existing charger hole for this QC charger to fit, but that's not hard either.
  6. This has been covered in a few threads lol. Some might go at you for not searching, but I got ya man. I had some LED's for a year or 2. I got fed up cause I wanted more visibility. First pic is LED's and the last two are a HID retro fit to Morimoto D2S 5.0. And sorry to answer your question the brand I had were plug and play no errors. Opt7 H11 is what I had. I should point out I have morimoto fogs too.
  7. Does the diff drop matter that much? I am kinda worried now I'm going to one lol.
  8. I'm pretty big advocate on not blinding oncoming traffic. Obviously you bought them and aren't going to go back now. But these are the moritmoto fog lights with a beam cutoff. The other pic is the D2S 5.0 headlight low beams and fog lights. Also let's see some pics man!
  9. Mine cracked and the windshield place only needed to know if it had the sensor or not which I had as well. I believe it was a little more cost, (roughly $230 non gm dealer). No issues after the fact, other then a catching a rock a week later [emoji20]. Luckily it was the bottom right corner so it doesn't bug me. But the new one is holding up to that rock chip a year later.
  10. This is why we need people like you lol. I'd definitely burn my truck [emoji23]. This info little as it may be, is gold to the not wire/tech savvy people like me.
  11. Cause then you'd need or want an in-line fuse hence relay?
  12. I'd think they'd be plug and play to the switch, being the Rigid brand they better be and no relay should be needed imo. My Morimoto fogs were plug and play.
  13. Your truck is bitchin man, personally I wouldn't mess with the 1500 clip. I'd do the 2017+ HD hood instead? I'd say color match to, but I don't think it'd match the rest of the truck look.
  14. I agree 100% to the light output, sorry if I came off rude in my first quote. In regards to that I have been window shopping headlights and found these Chevrolet Silverado HD (16-19): XB LED Headlights, I just can't justify to myself spending $1,400 on some damn headlights ?, if they were half the cost I'd probably get them for sure. They are pretty nice though.
  15. I have a 15 and purchased an AFE intake, no codes thrown. Also from what I searched I'd go with a "Dry filter" over oiled. Haven't had any issues, I also purchased a pre-filter wrap for dirty off-roading/sand dunes. It came out to roughly 380$ish. Also try calling them, they might give you 20% off, they have been running specials this last month or so. It looks like there's two or three different intake models you can pick from. The high end with the most HP gain (15HP gain) is $472.50 Momentum(Dry S Filter). The lower series is $367.50 (4HP gain) Quantum Pro Dry S.
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