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  1. Nice! You mind posting a video clip of it on YouTube or something for me to check out?
  2. Yeah that's what I'm thinking. Will Flowmaster Super 44's really be that much of a difference from the Original 40's though that's my real question I know the Super 10's would be a night and day difference then the 40's but I want to try to avoid the single chambers and glasspacks as much as possible because I will lose more power since I'm running a stock motor. I'm really trying to get more in cab drone because it's like music to my ears also haha I'll try to record some videos and post them up here and see what you guys think since I can't really describe sound through text and words.
  3. I'm running true duals with 2 flowmaster original 40 series mufflers and it is not loud at all but moderate. It only gets loud when I put my foot down on it around 4500-6000 rpm's. I just want something that will give me more volume during cruising and at idle like his setup.
  4. I've always heard larger diameter pipes account for a deeper and louder tone. I'm also in California so I wouldn't be able to cut the cats out. I'm thinking of running Magnaflow high flow cats though and try to cheat California smog system. I still don't know if the high flow cats would make too big of a difference enough for it to be worth the money, as I'm pretty sure the 2500hd already has some really good flowing cats.
  5. I've had a hard time finding videos of the original 40's and 44's in comparison. I did stumble upon a series of videos by DarrenWS6 on his 2500hd with his 3" true dualed 44's, which I originally wanted to base my setup on. His was loud as hell, and as loud as I'd like it, but my dual 40's sound nothing alike which is very frustrating. I guess my concern is the 44's not making much of a difference even though Darren's was very loud Here's one of his videos:
  6. Hey guys, this is a officially my first post on this forum as a member! I've recently got my exhaust done for my 2007 GMC Sierra 2500HD Classic that I recently bought about 3 months ago now. I decided I wanted it pretty loud with a deep rumble with a good amount of drone but not obnoxious and screamy. I did a lot of research on a true dual setup and read that it would be louder than your standard single in dual out muffler. So I decided to have 2 Flowmaster Original 40 series mufflers installed with dual 2.5 inch pipes in and out coming out of the sides 45 degrees with 4x18" chrome slash cut tips. It's not giving me the volume and tone I was expecting, hearing how the 6.0 is a very noisy and loud engine to quiet down. It's barely louder than stock single exhaust on idle. I was thinking of taking it to another exhaust shop and having them run 3" pipes instead of 2.5" pipes since stock pipes are already dual 3", swapping out the original 40's and replacing them with super 44's. I hear that the 44's are more deeper and aggressive than all the 40 series that Flowmaster has to offer. I'm not really a big fan of the single chamber mufflers and straight through mufflers as they just sound too tinny and way to aggressive for my taste. I'm also aware that adding headers would really help, but I've seen videos of these things with stock manifolds and cats and they are VERY loud with the 2-chambered Flowmasters. Here's a list of things that I'm not happy about and a list of things I think I'm thinking of doing. It be really cool if you guys can share your knowledge and experiences with me to give me advice on what I should do. Not Happy: - Start up isn't very impressive (I feel like its sounds more like Flowmaster moderate sounding mufflers like the 50 series) - I get none of this "dreaded and obnoxious interior drone" the 6.0 is infamously known for, especially with the 40 series installed. Cruising in the city, it's not much louder than the stock muffler even when accelerating. It does drone just a little bit when going up hills or inclines though. (I'd love to have a decent amount of drone) - Not impressed by the exterior sound. I had my friend drive it as I stood outside and it was not loud at all, though it did have a nice sound to it. It had more of a moderate volume, sounding more like today's newer trucks with the stock duals that come with them. (I'd love to get a really loud deep rumble with a good amount of aggressiveness.) - The guy who did my exhaust seemed to have added 2.25" 40's instead of 2.5" but he stretched the inlet and outlet out to 2.5 inches, but still looks like there's a 2.25" choke point restricting the flow, but I don't know if that has an affect. - He welded my tips on weird, welding 10" of the pipe itself inside the tips What I'm thinking of doing: - Swapping out the 2.5 inch pipes with 3" pipes (I heard pipe diameter and muffler choice really have an affect on volume and tone) -Swapping the original 40's for 2 Flowmaster Super 44's - Adding an H-pipe - Put the mufflers as close to the cab as possible to increase cab resonance. Will the Flowmaster Super 44's and dual 3" pipes have an effect on volume then what I have already? What do you guys think? Let me know! Thanks!
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