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  1. Mine did this after the last update. I found this thread: and it worked for me. I know it sounds silly but it worked for me.
  2. Mine did this a couple of times a few months back. The next time I started the truck the audio was back.
  3. Mine dorpped one morning, with FOB still in my pocket, as I was leaving for work. The tailgate dropped onto my garage door as it was opening causing a bunch of scratches on the top edge of the tailgate before I could get to the door to stop it. It would be nice to be able to turn this off.
  4. Mine does this if I have both key fobs in the truck. Bill
  5. So I am not allowed to use User Profiles in my 60K truck unless I pay a monthly gouge fee to Onstar? What a ripoff, Live and Learn.
  6. The same thing happen to me yesterday. "Your account has been deleted", then the next time I started the truck all my settings were gone. What a pain to have to start over with all my settings, how long before it happens again?
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