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  1. It's been a long time since I asked about the start up rattle noise. It still does it, Truck is coming up on 24,000 miles now. I'll have to see if it has the Oil filter adapter. I don't remember now if it did this before and after it's first oil change. At the first service about 2000 miles I had the dealer install the remote start. That may be when I first noticed it,. The oil has been changed many times at this dealership since then, every 5-6000 miles. I would hope they'd notice it. But I've been battling a vibration as well that they blamed on under coating over spray on the driveshaft.
  2. The dealer says there is no issue, they say they can't hear it. Well no you can't hear it after the oil change guy starts it, brings it in the bay and then the mechanic tries to hear it. I'm up to 5000 miles on it, I'll get after them next oil change.
  3. Starman8tdc, The dealer did an oil change and hopefully they put a new filter on it. Noise still happens. I'll check into whether the filters they used have the check valve. I remember the old dodge slant 6 had its oil filter mounted vertical so the oil drained out when you shut the vehicle off. you had to use good filters that had the valve. some cheap aftermarket filters didn't have it. From what it sounds like I'm thinking its lifter, valve tappet noise like madcratebuilder suggests. starmanstarman8tdc 8tdc
  4. I recently bought a 2018 Chevy Colorado Wt with the 3.6 gas V-6 I love the truck, its quick, gets good mileage when I'm not beating on it. But when you start it after sitting a little while (3-4 hours), it sounds like its going to throw a rod. Sounds like it has no oil pressure for a couple of seconds. I'm not sure but it may be worse when parked unlevel with the front higher than level. Its making me think I should get an engine preluber. I used to have one on my 1990 dodge diesel. electric oil pump, pump up oil pressure before starting and it ran 30 seconds to 2 minutes to oil the turbo on
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